Goodbye, Garden. ('Taps,' please...)

Poor, poor garden. Utter devastation this morning, thanks to those organic vegetable-eating deer. Not a tomato left in sight. They ate the Striped Romans. They consumed the Brandywines. They devoured the Pearly Pinks and the Early Girls. They broke in through the fencing (tearing it down completely), trampled right through the middle of the plants, uprooting the wire tomato stands, and eating everything in site. We didn't even get a single tomato! (And those blank spots behind the tomatoes? That's where the eggplants and peppers perished earlier this summer). I guess this means we'll be subsisting on homegrown leeks, celery, and onions for the winter...good thing we joined a CSA!

Please join me in a moment of silence for the lost garden.

Well, chalk it up to a learning experience, I guess. We'll get 'em next year!

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kitchenmage said...

Rosemary hedges. Seriously, they won't cross the stuff so get yourself as many end-of-season rosemary as you can afford, make lots of tip cuttings (heck, you can cut down to semi-ripe wood and do foot tall starts) and next year you'll have organic fencing that they really don't like.

michelle said...

Hi Kitchenmage!
Rosemary, really?! What a wonderful idea! Yes, it's quite a bit early for frost here; the nice weather usually lasts until almost october, but we've already got the rain settling in, and a light frost occasionally (luckily, not enough to worry about for the rest of the veggies yet). Thanks for stopping by, I just checked your blog out and it looks very yummy, though I'll have to come back to read more when I have a bit more time (I'll definitely be back).

Shauna said...

oh my. That's a sad photo. You've just given me the absolute last sign that summer is dead! Ack!

I don't know anything about garden, but I do know to trust the Kitchenmage. And besides, wouldn't roseemary hedges smell divine?

michelle said...

I'm keeping my eye out for rosemary bushes!

Don't say summer is dead! Let's just say ...'until next year' and welcome autumn in, with all its glorious colors, smells, tastes and crisp air! Thanks for coming by, Shauna, I hope you're feeling better after a weekend of rest.

keiko said...

Hi Michelle - oh dear... (sorry I didn't mean to be kidding!) I can imagine how sad you must have been, but kitchenmage's idea sounds brilliant - looking forward to your post next year.