an introduction

this is a blog. a food blog, mostly. but also a blog about the trials and tribulations of my daily life in eugene, oregon and the adventures set out upon by myself, my Loving Boyfriend, and our two dogs - His and Hers.

it's my attempt to satiate my family's request for pictures and queries about what we've been up to, and it's my outlet for combining two of my favorite things - talking about food, and looking at pretty pictures of it. it came about because i realize that i sometimes bore my Loving Boyfriend with my incessisent commenting on the latest tidbit i've learned about making biscuits (haven't quite figured the "fluffy factor" out yet) or about what so-and-so did that day on the incredibly beautiful food blogs i've been reading lately while i was supposed to be working on scientific stuff (thank you Farmgirl, Nordljus, Gluten-Free Girl and Delicious Days, to name a few).

it's also because we have recently, per Loving Boyfriend's bright idea, begun a cookbook challenge...a $4.98 cookbook that Loving Boyfriend picked up in the bargain bin few years ago called "The Four Seasons Cookbook." i hadn't paid much attention to the cookbook before now - in fact, i'm not even sure of the author, but being that Loving Boyfriend has shown interest in something related to FOOD, i'm all for it! and luckily, all of the recipes so far have been surprisingly tasty (more later on the challenge in a subsequent post).

unfortunately, the light in my kitchen is terrible, so my pictures don't even compare to the gorgeous ones i drool over on other blogs every day - so hopefully they'll at least give you an inkling of what the real thing looked like - but hey, i'm just a scientist!

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