pacific northwest bounty

i'm so excited! we just recieved our CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - box from Farmer Steve at Little Wing Farm. this is our third year with this CSA, and it gets better every year. everything is organic, just picked that morning or afternoon. we pick our box up on thursday afternoons at the lane county farmer's market. opening each box is like christmas, and the season lasts from november to may every year. we were lucky this week as well, because Farmer Steve gave us a bunch of extra tomatoes for canning this weekend. visions of yummy dishes to come are dancing in my head...now, if i can just find a recipe in that cookbook...

being the foodie that i am, i have an incredible weakness for beautiful produce. while we were at the farmer's market, i saw an
amazing 1/2 flat of mixed pints of blackberries and raspberries for an excellent price and just had to buy it. now, Loving Boyfriend does not share my enthusiasm for purchasing beautiful looking produce (i have another weakness for odd food items or produce i've never tried before, which he also does not share), so i often have to go running off as he chit-chats with Farmer Steve (Loving Boyfriend LOVES to dilly-dally and chat it up with people) and peruse the small market for tasty treats that didn't come in the box. when found, i quickly shove the money into the vendor's hands, and go put it in the car as fast as possible before returning to the two men and pretending like i was there the whole time; smiling and nodding.

this usually results in a quick "what did you buy now?!" from Loving Boyfriend as soon as we get in the car. i hate this.

"but just look at how beautiful they are!"

"but we just got a whole box full of food!"

"but just look at how beautiful they are!"


"i'm going to make you some amazing pies, or smoothies...or something."

this usually works, as Loving Boyfriend has an enormous sweet-tooth, and does try very hard to support my hobbies.

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farmgirl said...

Absolutely gorgeous! What a haul. Aren't CSA programs the best? And a fun read. : )

kitchenmage said...

Welcome! Another Pacific Northwet food blog. And another gorgeous CSA box.