Supper Club 1: Full Moon Party

Loving Boyfriend and I are the youngest members of a Cooking Light Supper Club here in Eugene (I do believe that there's a new show on the Food Network about these, aptly called "Cooking Clubs"). There are three other couples; each from a different background, walk of life, and age group (the oldest couple is in their 50s). We come together once a month to try new recipes, eat, and socialize together around a common theme. We've been meeting with this group for almost a year now, and it's become a rich part of our lives that we look forward to every month. This month, it was at M&J's house, out near Veneta, OR (about 25 minutes away), and the theme was a "Full Moon Party." We sat around on their patio, enjoying the *very* cool evening (hats and gloves!) and watching this huge, full, golden harvest moon rise above the hills surrounding their house. Their land is free of neighbors and other city noises and so it was the perfect backdrop for theme and the food: we each brought a dessert and a bottle of something to drink.

Per Farmgirl's suggestion, I made her very delicious and slightly tangy Really Raspberry Tartlets. They were easy to make and used up some gorgeously plump raspberries I got at the Farmer's Market this weekend (I meant to take pictures and left the house without my camera). I even scored some homemade organic red currant jelly to glaze them before showing them off (the picture was taken earlier, when there was still good light). I think my crust came out a little different than was intended because I used low-fat cream cheese (the sacrilege! - well, it is supposed to be 'cooking light!'), but it was still very tasty, and even went over really well with our pickiest eater - who asked if he could keep the leftovers. Other treats that were brought included chocolate mousse, an orange pecan cake that was absolutely divine, and apples, oranges and strawberries dipped in melted chocolate. I brought a bottle of a late harvest semillion from my hometown in Colorado (Grand Valley Vineyards - more on this virtually 'undiscovered' wine country to come).

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