Culinary Confessions

I've been seeing more and more bloggers spill their hearts and secrets onto their blogs - they made me laugh so often, that I just had to follow suite...

1. I have spices that are so old I have no recollection of how long I’ve had them.

2. I have a weakness for buying any kind of food-related item that I’ve never seen before in brief moments of impulsiveness (Loving Boyfriend teases me endlessly about this).

3. I sometimes sneak in the house, remove the price-tags, and hide my food-related purchases as soon as I get home, so that LB won’t know I bought more food-related items.

4. I have many food-related items bought impulsively that have never been opened.

5. I sometimes re-arrange the dishes in the dishwasher after LB puts them in there because I don’t think they fit as well when he does it.

6. If I make something and it ends up that I don’t really like it, I’ll try to weasel out of eating the leftovers and leave them for LB (ie. I’ll have unexpected lunch plans the next day or lab meeting or…).

7. The (white plastic) silverware divider in my silverware drawer has food particles that have somehow magically appeared out of nowhere from my clean silverware and collected in the tops of each of the silverware spaces. Exactly how this happens when I only put clean silverware in there (I promise! And I'm good at doing dishes!) still causes me endless confusion...

8. Even though I see the food particles in the silverware divider every day when I open the drawer, I have yet to clean it out. Even once. (EW.)

9. I collect items in the freezer for using ‘some day.’ But ‘some day’ sometimes never comes.

10. I hate wasting food. I’ve been known to devise whole meals around that little bit of leftover radicchio in the refrigerator…including buying more ingredients to make it…thus, having more leftovers that I don’t want to waste either.

11. That said, I sometimes waste food.

12. If something I’m cooking doesn’t end up working out like I think it will, I’ve been known to give it to LB, but not to eat it myself, out of sheer spite of my own frustration.

13. If something has rotted in my fridge for a long period of time in a Tupperware container because I have forgotten that it’s in there, I’ll just throw out the Tupperware so that I never have to open it and see what it looks like, or worse, smell what it smells like.

12. Sometimes if LB makes something I don’t really like, I’ll eat it anyway and pretend to like it (but I won’t eat the leftovers then either). (I do like it most of the time, though, honey!)

13. I secretly love Stovetop stuffing, made in the microwave, with butter. I also love those roasted chickens you can buy already roasted in the grocery store.

14. I have yet to figure out how NOT to make a complete mess of my kitchen and myself I’m baking. I’m especially prone to getting flour all over my face. I’ve even accidentally poured batter into the motor of my hand-held mixer. And killed it. That’s how I got my Kitchenaid mixer. I still make a mess, even with the Kitchenaid mixer.

15. I get most of my kitchen equipment from the Goodwill…a dehydrator, a pasta maker, many knives, the list goes on and on…

14 comments from you:

Dawn said...

Hmmm..."accidently" poured batter in her hand-held mixer and got a Kitchenaid...sounds fishy to me!

Michelle, I also love Stovetop and the chickens from the store. Our favorite come from Henry's (which is like Mother's Market or that Oats store).

Your list cracks me up! I agree that these lists are great at getting to know someone a little bit better.

extramsg said...

I join you on 2, 5, 6, 10, 11, the first 12, the second 13, and 14. btw, I have about 8 chicken carcasses in my freezer right now, most of which came from Fred Meyer's rotisserie chickens. I am pretty good about making demi-glace once every few weeks, but I seem to always build more carcasses than I can use.

And I get by some of your problems to an extent by never making the same thing for me and my wife. She gets the experiments, while I get very simple foods.

ilva said...

Michelle-too funny! And 7,8 and 13...same problem here! But half the fun of baking is to make a bit of a mess, you should see my clothes afterwards and i bake a lot so I think I will actually start adopting an apron, I really don't like aprons but I need one, one like the ones you put on small kids when they are playing around with finger paint...

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Michelle! I am back :) you made me laugh with your culinary confessions...will try to post some of mine soon. Hugs,

Anonymous said...


So you thought I didn't know that you were pawning off your left overs?

I guess I have a confession too. Sometimes when I know you have pawned off your not so savory left overs, I throw them away, order something else for lunch, and never tell you about it.


Nic said...

Haha! I love LB's confession in the comments.
And #9 is just like me.

michelle said...

Hi SoCal foodie!
I'll never tell! I'm glad to hear that someone else eats not-homemade roasted chickens!

Hi ExtraMSG!
What an honor to have you visit my blog! I started reading yours before I even knew what a blog was, so you were big inspiration. I'm happy to know we have something in common (hee hee, the dishwasher, and I use the carcasses for stock or demi-glace too) but I'm glad you don't have all my bad habits (ie, not using my foodie goodies right away). LB would eat the same thing for dinner every night if I let him so I guess I have to be humble and realize I'm no Martha Stewart (but I wouldn't want to be either!!). Oh, and obviously I'm a PhD, since I can't count - I'll have to fix that, thanks!

Hi Ilva!
NO WAY does anyone else have my gross drawer! Especially not you! You're just trying to make me feel better! Another confession: I actually own two aprons - one's really 'cute' if an apron can be 'cute'...but all of my roommates are SWORN to secrecy! ...and I still make a mess (this is why most of it gets on my face).

Hi CookingDiva!
You're back from Ecuador! Yay! Welcome home!

LB! :o
YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE WHEN WE GET HOME. (you know how much I hate wasting food - #10)

Hi Nic!
Don't encourage LB! ;) I'm glad to know that someone with your cooking and baking expertise has some little secrets as well!

lisaSD said...


I am so with you on 7 and 8. How do those crumbs get in there, and WHEN will I find the time to clean them out?

On 9, I have parmesan rinds that I thought I was oh so clever to put in the freezer, which I haven't used in forever, so will I ever use them?

And 14...well I have sections of most of my posts titled "fiascos," so that should tell you that I can relate to the mess-making. I really need a personal assistant.

My confessions are at:

kitchenmage said...

Every list of confessions I read leaves me laughing and thinking I really need to do mine. Right after I get back from my trip to the Herbfarm for dinner. ;-)

J said...

hi michelle, i totally identify with quite a few of your confessions - the ones about impulse food shopping, in particular!

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Where are you michelle? :) Hugs from Panama!

ilva said...

Michelle-I'll write to you soon, I'm just too stuck up right now!!!

michelle said...

Hi LisaD!
Glad to hear others have the same little problems I do! I'll check yours out asap - these always give me the giggles!

Hi Kitchenmage!
I can't wait to read them...

Hi J!
I think almost all of us foodies do this at some time or another - when one has a passion about food, how could we resist its tempting allure?

Hi Melissa!
I'm here! I just had to turn in a paper and then my post for the chocolate tasting took a long time!

Hi Ilva!
Oh dear! No worries, Ilva - I hope things are well with you!

Nerissa said...

Your confession about the batter in the motor oddly reminded me of one incident where I stupidly licked the batter of the still plugged in powercord for the mixer... and gave my tongue a good zap.

So many of your confessions I can relate to... ahhh... so many.