Happy Birthday to Vickie

Happy birthday to Vickie!

This is a sugar-free, dairy-free (and low fat!) dessert of yummy deliciousness made in honor of Vickie's special day. The recipe can be found at:


If you haven't checked out Vickie's site, The Moveable Feast Food Blog, go check her out - she makes me laugh every day and even though I won't get to meet her anytime soon, she's quickly becoming a friend. Have a wonderful, scrumptuous, fun-filled happy day, Vickie!

My notes on the recipe; This was very tasty and my first attempt at a cake that didn't include lots of butter or cream or sugar (whew!). The leftovers of the cake itself makes a good breakfast bread as it's not too sweet and is somewhat dense despite it's airy look.

It does taste a bit better with the sauce, because it's flavor remains vaguely reminiscent of the whole wheat flour used. My only complaint with the sauce is the arrowroot powder - it always makes anything I use it in a rather snotty texture - does this happen to anyone else or just me? Is there a way to prevent it? But it still tastes lovely on the cake and doesn't taste snotty in the mouth (thank goodness!). Also, I used frozen strawberries in lieu of the fresh ones because I couldn't find any - it being almost winter here, this is not surprising, even though we were still getting fresh strawberries at the farmer's market just a few weeks ago. I didn't thaw them out, just poured the hot sauce over them and they thawed just right on their own. The tofu cream, however, was a nightmare. Anyone made this before? Mine didn't get creamy at all, just chunky! I had it in the kitchenaid mixer with the wire wipe, so maybe I should have used the paddle or something or perhaps there is something you can add to make it creamier. She claims there is too much water in the soft tofu, and I did drain the firm tofu for a few minutes, which might have caused my problem. I would definitely try this again as we have a lactose intolerant member in our book club and I would love to make desserts that she could eat as well, so if anyone has tips that would be helpful, I would appreciate it. Overall, it was a tasty dessert, and really easy.

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vlb5757 said...

Michelle, I can't tell what a shock it was to get a chance to see what you posted today, and find my name plastered everywhere! OMG. You are just too funny. You really helped my WW points with THIS cake! Job well done dear! We lost phone service last night around 9 which meant no DSL. We called Verizon and they said Tuesday. I almost started crying. I was so worried about missing all my blog buddies and everything they made this weekend! This was never expected!! We must have been thinking about one another because I went some place and bought two things to put into your birthday box.

Thank you so much for the link and most of all for being so nice and thinking about a cake. If you ever make it tell me how good it is over the phone!

I had a great birthday and will post it on my blog soon. You will really be surprised!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

michelle said...

Hi dear Vickie! Don't worry, I think WW would approve of this new cake too - there's no butter or sugar in it! I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday and I can't wait to hear about it. But Ha ha - You're NOT supposed to buy me things on your birthday weekend!! We were shampooing carpets all weekend so unfortunately I didn't get to post this until today, but I did actually make it on your birthday! And it was good!

LisaSD said...

Long-distance bday cake--what a concept!

vlb5757 said...

It looks good. I will have to go back and read the recipe to see what happened to your tofu cream. I will get back to you on that. I think now I must try this cake. You know you can use Splenda in stuff and it still tastes pretty sweet but not as sweet as sugar. Bring on the butter. I can eat that, go figure! Thanks for baking me a cake. Hubby went to the grocery store and bought me some Pepperidge Farms chocolate thing and it was nasty.

How did the carpets turn out? I know with 4 dogs and 2 cats I finally had to buy one of those home shampoo machines. It does an okay job. It's less hassel than renting a machine.

If you read Farmgirl Fare you will get a kick out of my birthday adventure.

vlb5757 said...

Michelle, I went and re-read the recipe and think that maybe you should have use Silken or Medium firm tofu. If you put that into a food processor you would have better luck beating it into submission. lol! I use tofu in Lasagna sometimes and it works well when whipped up a bit either with a Braun hand mixer or a food processor. You do have to drain medium and firm tofu for about 30 minutes to get a lot of the liquid out of it. I usually wrap a brick in foil or use a heavy skillet to put over it and then let it sit a bit. You can put in on a sheet pan and tilt it towards the sink and the liquid will run down. That helps to keep the tofu from sitting in the liquid you are trying to get rid of. Everyone does this differently. It looks really nice tofu cream or not!

michelle said...

Hi Vickie!
It was actually harder than I thought it would be to find a dairy free and sugar free recipe - I thought a sugar-free one would save me the expense of buying Splenda (I did remember you could eat that from one of your recipes). Where do you come up with most of yours? Wait...you're a chef! They probably spew forth from your brain automaticallly! As for the tofu cream, I thought for sure silken tofu would be best for that kind of thing too, but she said they had too much water and to use the firm. I'm going to try your suggestions next time. I love your birthday adventures! I do read Farmgirl Fare and I grew up on a farm so it's like a trip down memory lane!

vlb5757 said...

I am laughing so hard! I will post on the fish entry!