I'm not naming any names...

...but it wasn't me. Or Loving Boyfriend. However, I was glad to see that this kind of stuff occasionally happens to someone besides me :) Happy Monday!

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Melissa CookingDiva said...

OMG..., what is the name of that game?. Ok, Ok, let me ask you a question..., then I will know with your answer: who was the author of the royal mess. Who did all the cleaning?

vlb5757 said...

My goodness. What an unholy mess. I suspect that the person who shall be nameless, we be forever grateful that you didn't spill (pun intended) the beans about who they are. I am sure they are mortified and cleaning that mess up is enough punishment as it is. Lord! What a mess ( like I have NEVER done this before) LOL!

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Michelle...I am back!
I think I know what the problem was: the photo tells me that whatever you were pureeing was too HOT. And the volume of the mess tells me that the blender glass was too full...maybe, more than 1/2? :) The question now is what was it? what were you pureeing in such a hurry? Pumpkin, yams, or squash?

UnGourmetGal said...

Looks like something I would do :D

Dawn said...

That gave me a fantastic laugh. So, you can tell whoever it is that regardless of the reason, they managed to bring a smile to many a foodie's face! I hope the rest of the dinner went better!

LisaSD said...

I was reading a Giada recipe recently and she was warning about "heat explosions" from putting too much hot liquid in a blender and not undoing one corner of the lid, thereby creating a vacuum...or some such...it scared the bejeezus outta me!

McAuliflower said...

Oh! thanks for the laugh and the reassurance that I'm not crazy for always checking how tight the bottom is screwed on my blender!

What a great mess... we should all post our biggest splashes :)

My family had two that stickout in my memory... both shaking accidents:
- one was my brother's doing as he took the bottle of Italian dressing out to pour on his salad... gave it a good shake before taking off the lid, which wasn't on properly:P
-the second was mine of the same doing, but with a gallon container of chocolate milk!

Those are two fun items to clean off of the kitchen ceiling, especially the dressing!

ilva said...

Does the blender work? I am always worried about electricity and wet stuff...

Nerissa said...

It wasn't me! I swear!


Looks like something I'd do. And probably right before company comes over. Can't say I've ever done something that messy with a blender but food items have been known to commit suicide out of my fridge on an at least once-a-month basis.

michelle said...

Hi Melissa,
Yes, it was definitely too hot, and too full - but I've also had the bottom come off on me when I was making a smoothie! I did warn the nameless culprit about watching the top, but everything seemed fine until we lifted it off the bottom. It's a carrot anise soup (what we salvaged was still very good) and we all pitched in to clean up.

Hi Vickie,
Yes, and I promised I wouldn't show anyone we knew :) I've NEVER done anything like this before either, of course!

Hi Ungourmetgal,
Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad to know there are others out there like myself!

Hi Dawn,
Glad to brighten your day a bit with a smile - that's really what I was hoping for...and dinner actually turned out very tasty and nice, thanks!

Hi Lisa,
Yep - I've done it enough times to know not to do it anymore (although I have to confess that I sometimes am in such a hurry that similar things have happened since). But this is even worse because you don't know it's happened (and thus, think you're scott free) until you lift the blender out! I think the heat loosens the seal and the vessel part of the blender comes right out while the bottom stays in!

Hi McCauliflower,
Well, I may have blender accidents, but I've never ever had shaking accidents...except maybe that one time with the milk carton...and...

Thanks for the tips on the holiday farmer's market, and I did know about it, but it's just never quite the same! Although it is nice that we still get another 4 weeks of some good stuff!

Hi Ilva,
Thank goodness, yes, it still works. I did ruin my handmixer in a similar situation though...but then that gave me the excuse to get my kitchenaid :) It can be pretty scary though!

Hi diningdica,
I did almost blame Loving Boyfriend, just to see if it would get him to comment, but my conscience got the best of me...and lucky for the culprit, she doesn't know I have a blog though I still promised I wouldn't reveal her name :) Better watch out for those suicidal food items - you might lose a toe or something should one of them decide to take you out when it goes!!

Nerissa said...

LOL: What makes you think they HAVEN'T tried to take me out on their way to heaven? I've had my share of bruising from depressed food.

Melissa CookingDiva said...

wow! carrot soup---it didnt even came to my mind because it's not one of my favorites...Well, after all, yours looks yummy! I would LOVe to try it!