The light of friendship on a dark and dreary day

After a weekend of coughing and being drugged up on Nyquil cough medicine all weekend, which I am unbelievable sensitive to (just ask LB - I passed out within 10 minutes of taking it, and didn't wake up until 10:30 the next morning), I wasn't much in the mood to be back at work on Monday, plugging along on the drudgery of my experiments. And by the way, Nyquil is the nastiest tasting stuff ever! You would think that they could come up with something that at least resembles a real or at least semi-real cherry flavor since we can fly to the moon and back, but no, it just tastes like red death! And don't even get me started on the original flavor...it's 10 times worse! I don't want to feed my kids that someday - how could I, knowing how awful it is? Like when my mother used to make us take spoonfuls of cod liver oil when we were kids (they didn't have the fancy little capsules back then) because it was 'good for us' (now, I know it's supposed to be, but have you ever tasted the stuff???). We used to fight and fight against having to take it, until one day she actually tried it herself...and lo and behold, we never had to take cod liver oil again! Okay, enough of my tangent and on to the good news...

When I got home last night,
after a rather dark and dreary day of coughing and working, there was a package sitting on my porch from my friend Vickie, over at the Moveable Feast Food Blog. Vickie and I have been emailing back and forth and laughing together since we both began our blogs around the same time. This was quite an unexpected surprise! I can't even describe how big and giddy my smile was when I tore open the box (I didn't even wait for LB to get home). Christmas came early, and finding this package made my whole day. Vickie sent such thoughtful and beautiful little ornaments of all kinds - which was just perfect as we recently bought a little 2 foot tall plastic tree from the Goodwill to decorate our house with, since it never really feels like Christmas without one. I also collect ornaments that mean something to me to celebrate the year that just passed by, and now I have some to reflect back upon my blogging experience and everything it has brought to my life, including some new and special friends.

She also sent some yummy looking soup and dip mixes, a jar of delicious looking Vickie's jam (very cute), some handmade soap, and a bag of amazing smelling culinary lavender (complete with two fabulous looking recipes) that I'm really anxious to try. Even more exciting and way over the top, she also included a very chic little picnic set for two - perfect for those times when LB and I want to take some of our goodies and have a romantic evening together. I can't thank you enough, Vickie! You shouldn't have! But I'm very grateful - both for all of the thoughtful gifts, and just for your presence in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Dawn said...

It feels like Christmas already! That was so awesome of Vickie to send out those boxes of joy! That reminds me, I wanted to ask you to email me your address at dawnfrost@excite.com. I wanted to send out a little something to a couple of people as well. I haven't the foggiest of what that could be, but that's the fun part, right?! I've had so much fun since I started my blog and really appreciate the other folks who have been so awesome!

ilva said...

How lucky you are!! I can't even feel envious because you deserve it both you and Dawn! Say hallo to LB, and get better sooooon!

vlb5757 said...

Michelle, I am glad the box brought some happiness on such a crappy day. I had such fun shopping for Virginia things for you, Dawn and Melissa. We have a picnic basket that we carry in our car for long trips. That way we can have fruit, cheese and wine in our room at night. It's all plastic but it takes a beating. We carry it in the car all the time. I did add some napkins and plastic dinnerware but it's easy.

The lamb ornament came from the Hertiage Festival I went to on my birthday. Since they had wool, spinners, and weavers I thought that would be a nice ornament. I love homemade things and thought this would remind you of me.

I crocheted the little white and peach bag that the Lavendar soap is in. They say that lavendar helps to keep bugs away from wool. I have not tested it yet but I will soon.

The ornaments smelled so good when I bought them at the craft show and thought they would make a tree smell good too.

The bath things are shaped like snowflakes and I just thought they were cute and they smelled like vanilla if I remember correctly.

I hope you have fun with all of it! I know I did when I was shopping for it. The peanut soup mix came from Staunton, VA when we went on vacation. Glad you liked everything!

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Michelle..., I also had plenty cod liver oil when I was growing up. If that was not enough, my mom also tortured me forcing me to take: "aceite de castor", "aceite de ricino", and a blend of other 7 nasty and stinky oils. She said they were good for my health,...until now days I think was a way of "child abuse".

When we talk about it, we laugh and laugh---
Hugs to all of you :)
P.S. The goodies look good :)

michelle said...

Hi Dawn!
I know! It's so neat to realize all the new experiences and people that blogging has brought to my life!

Hi Ilva!
You're so sweet! I'll tell LB and I finally went to the doctor today and apparently my cold is gone, but my lungs are having some kind of asthmatic reaction to it, so now I have very strong cough medicine and an inhaler. Supposedly it will be a very slow recovery and could take up to a month. Yuck! But the cough medicine should at least knock me out cold so I'll be getting lots of sleep!

Hi Vickie!
I love everything, and all of my ornaments will remind me of you always. I'm taking the little picnic bag with us on our trip for eating as we go. I'm so impressed that you crocheted the bag for the soap, and lavender is one of my favorite scents (and I'm excited to cook with it too!). The bath stuff will be wonderful, now that I know I am going to be coughing for a long time, all that steamy bath time will be really good for me! I had a wonderful time opening everything - thank you once again!

Hi Melissa!
I'm glad someone else's mother tortured them too, so that I wasn't the only one! Now we're older and know better and just get all the nutrients we need from eating delicious food! Hugs to you, too.

LisaSD said...

How nice!