Blogging by Mail #3

When I arrived home from Colorado, there was a package sitting on my table. From Australia.

"Australia?" I thought, "I don't know anyone from Australia..."

I checked the name on the back - Clare B. - and didn't immediately recognize it. So I opened the package.

It was full of lots of foodie goodies! It suddenly donned on me that this was my package from Blogging By Mail #3, hosted by Cathy at My Little Kitchen. What a lovely and unexpected Christmas/New Years present!

I reached my hand in to find a pleuthera of delicious snacks and fun ingredients:

There were Horizon Australian salt flakes - pure white crystals with a sharp, very intense taste that I can't wait to dash onto some yummy dishes. A package of wasabi noodle snacks - both Loving Boyfriend and I love wasabi-flavored anything!

Reaching further, I found three Indonesian Seasoning mixes: Rendang (Beef in chili and coconut seasoning), Nasi Kuning (Yellow Rice), and Opor Ayam (Chicken in coconut gravy), all of which sound delicious. I have never seen any of them before, so I'll be sure to post pictures and comments as soon as I have time to try one of them.

On top of all of this, there were also Tim Tam cookies - chocolate covered wafers sandwiching more chocolate (yep, there are four in the picture, but I won't tell you how many are left now - they're fabulous!), as well as some Cadbury chocolates with different flavors - strawberry, milk chocolate, and caramel. Cadbury makes really tasty milk chocolate!

Down at the bottom, I found little goodies to help with all that holiday baking...Ceres chocolate meises - little sprinkles, also from Indonesia. There were also two little containers of 'sparkling cachous', which Clare just informed me were recently banned in the US, so that makes them even more precious! They're for freshening your breath, right Clare?

And to top this very generous collection? A plate full of homemade cookies, wrapped in pretty green cellophane, and all of which were very tasty. Since there aren't many left, so I decided not to take a picture in an effort to not make myself feel guilty for devouring an entire plate of cookies. Hey, it was still the end of the year, so I figure that I was still allowed to gorge before the New Year's resolutions start up, right??

I'm speechless...thank you, Clare! I truly appreciate it, and I'm so happy to be able to experience a little peice of Australia through your kitchen. What a wonderful way to begin a new year. Clare is the webgoddess of Eat Stuff.net and if you've never seen her site, do go over, check it out, and say hello! (I'm especially drooling at her latest post of the stollen she made over Christmas...it looks amazing!)

And thank you, Cathy, for hosting! Blogging by Mail #4 has been announced, and there is still some time to sign up if you're interested in joining in!

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J said...

hi michelle, you lucky girl! aren't tim tams simply the best? happy new year to you and your loved ones!

Clare Eats said...


they arrived :) I am so sorry they took so long....

The meals aren't indian they are indonesian :)as are the chocolate sandwhich sprinkles. I don't think they are very avaliable over there?

I figured that you would have to enjoy the wasabi noodle snacks ;)

I am so glad you liked it though. The Horizon salt is my fav salt and it helps the Australian environment as it is removing salt from the groundwater and salination is a major environmental issue here as they removed to many trees and the ground water level rose.

I figured that you HAD to try Tim Tams :) and the Caramello Koalas are soooo Aussie :)

When I posted about the making of the Christmas Cookies I discovered that the cachous are now banned in the US so I figured that would make them hot property in the illicit foodie trade LOL

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

ilva said...

You're BACK! I have missed you sooo much! I'm participating in Euro Blogging By Mail for the first time this month, I have to send my parcel on Thursday! Your post made me look forward to the parcel I will receive!

michelle said...

Hi J! Yes they are! I wish they made them here! Happy New Year to you as well! Can't wait to see what you've been up to!

Dearest Clare - It WAS you! I was wondering, but I wasn't sure so I didn't want to put your site down if it wasn't you! Can I give you and your new site full credit now? There wasn't any kind of identifying giveaway in the package and it said it was from Alexandria, Australia and I didn't have any idea how close that might be to Sydney! I do love everything, THANK YOU so much. I'll fix the Indian/Indonesian mistake and I'm all about environment-saving salt and illicit foodie goodies. Everything was/is fabulous. I'm glad that you're back on your feet again after your ordeal. And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you also!

Hi Ilva!
I've missed you too! You're going to love it, it's so fun to experience the world through another foodie's tummy! Have fun with it!

Clare Eats said...

Hi Michelle

The Cachous are just for making bbaking look cute :) LOL

Did you look inside the bag?
I was being harrassed by a crazy postmistress when I posted the parcel and I thought I would get alittle longer to write a real message.. but it didn't happen she was crazy!

Alexandria is a suburb of sydney ;) :)

I am SO GLAD you liked it all! Your receiving your parcel made my day!