Prosciutto-wrapped packages of Spring

Nothing says "SPRING" to me like the thin, bright green spears of asparagus.

(Except, perhaps, for the first sunny day after months and months of gray skies and torrential rain...) One of my favorite ways to eat asparagus is simply blanched or steamed until just tender, drizzled with a light touch of fruity olive oil and sprinkled with salt.

Yet no matter how hard I try to be 'proper,' 'polite,' or 'grown up,' I simply cannot eat it with a fork and knife...I have to pick it up gently and eat it with my fingers, snapping off small bites with my teeth. To me, asparagus has always been a finger food. I especially love the surprise of finding it on appetizer platters for dipping in hummus or creamy vegetable dips.

But when I saw this appetizer on the first few pages of Gourmet magazine when I picked it up this month, I was sold: Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus with truffle butter. You already know how I feel about truffles, but this is finger food at it's finest, complete with a big, welcome "hello" to Spring. Plus, with all the basketball games going on lately, there was even a perfect excuse to make it.

Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus with truffle butter, from Gourmet

1 lb. medium asparagus (not too thin, or it won't stand up to being wrapped in the salty goodness of the prosciutto)
salt, to taste
1/2 tsp. white truffle oil
2 tbsp. unsalted butter, softened
1/3 lb. of thinly sliced proscuitto (having your butcher place wax paper between each slice is a huge time-saver and makes for a much prettier presentation)

Prepare a large bowl filled with ice and cold water. Trim the asparagus and steam over boiling water until crisp-tender (~4 min.), then place in the cold water with tongs to stop the cooking. Drain and pat dry gently. Season with salt.

Stir oil into butter until incorporated. (Alternatively, make your own truffle butter with real truffles if you've got them). Thinly coat the slices of prosciutto with the truffle butter, then roll up the asparagus spears in the prosciutto, leaving the tip and end visible. You can roll your asparagus packages up a little more than I did - I didn't read it as carefully as I should have and only wrapped the ends, but it was still a big hit :)

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MC Hungry Hippo said...

I think asparagi are some of the prettiest (and tastiest) things to come out of spring. Of course, for me, the combination with a pork product makes it absolutely irresistible. Also, I love how you're serving this awesome frou-frou dish while watching basketball!

cookiecrumb said...

Michelle! You are SUPPOSED to eat asparagus with your fingers! It's in all the etiquette books. You are doing it exactly right. :D

vlb5757 said...

Michelle, it's funny that you talked about asparagus today. We cooked on the charcoal grill last night and we roasted asparagus with some balsamic vinegar. I love asparagus and I could eat them any way under the sun! Just love 'em!

spicehut said...

Hi. First time on your blog. The food pics are yum !

I was wondering if there is any subsitute to the truffle oil. And where to buy proscuitto ?


Kitchen Queen said...

We had plain steamed asparagus last night and it was so good! I'll be getting more as soon as I can.

Meantime, you could probably see this coming but I've tagged you.

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Oh yes Michelle, prosciutto goes so well with asparagus. Have you tried them with cantaloupe? Hugs,

michelle said...

Hi MCHH! Agreed! Yeah, my friends are getting used to me bringing frou-frou dishes by now :) any excuse to cook!

Hi Cookiecrumb! Oh, of course! Now I see why mom wanted me to read Miss Manners! Good thing I have you to set me straight!

Hi Vickie! That sounds awesome! Oh how I long to grill something...stupid rain!

Hi Spicehut! Thanks for visiting my site! I'm not sure what a good substitute for truffle oil would be (as far as another oil, anyway), but you could just make some herb butter by softening some butter and mixing in fresh - or even dry - herbs (thyme, basil, rosemary)...really, anything would taste good with asparagus and prosciutto! I get the prosciutto from either a butcher or meat market, or even the deli area at my grocery store where they'll slice it for me. But there is also commercially packaged proscuitto, which should be where you can get packages of sliced salami. In CA, you should be able to find it at any of your local larege grocery stores. Good luck!

Hi KQ! Oh no, not a meme! ;) I promise to get to that asap - oops, I still have one from a while ago, so maybe I'll do them both! Thanks for the tag!

Hi Melissa! Yes, yes, I love prosciutto and cantelope together - I think I love anything with prosciutto that can act as a vessel to get it in my belly!

vlb5757 said...

Michelle, I didn't grill them, hubby did and of course he came in from outside and sat down in front of the boob tube and burned the tips. I wanted to strangle him but I was nice and didn't say a word. Next time I will be the grill master for dinner!!! They don't take very long because they are pretty small. I did cut about three inches off of the bottoms so that shortened them and of course the cooking time too.

rob said...

Ah, spring. I'm sure within a month I'll go to the market on Saturday mornings and be confronted by mountains of asparagus.

That dish sounds wonderful, now if the damn asparagus would only get here already.

darlamay said...

I love love prosciutto-wrapped anything! Thanks for the point to smelltheblog and her funny conversation with her husbad! I laughed out loud!

michelle said...

Hi Vickie! Sometimes I want to be the grillmaster too - but LB says I can't because he doesn't want me to get better at grilling than he is! Bah! I'm going to try asparagus like this!

Hi Rob! I know how you feel - luckily, our Farmer's Market picks up this weekend! I can't wait!!

Hi Darlamay! Me too! Glad you liked the link - I thought you might, especially after your conversation with your husband!

Dawn said...

Yummy! I love proscuitto and asparagus, this sounds like a winner. I have never tried truffle oil (I know, don't gasp), but maybe one day I will. Does it have an earthy taste? Also, those lasagna rolls look divine.