"Let's ride bikes," He sez. "It's beautiful out."
"I don't know," I say. "It might rain this afternoon..."
"Nah, you won't even need your rain stuff - just look at that blue sky!" He sez.
"Okay," I say.

Sure, it was beautiful on the ride in.
It was the ride home that sucked.

Let me just say two words: Torrential downpour.

"Let's ride bikes," He sez.
Sure, LB. Sure.

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Nerissa said...

hee hee hee... you'd never last a minute here if an unexpected downpour will get to you. They don't call this the Great Bear RAIN forest for nuttin'.

But really, I hate getting caught in the rain that isn't supposed to be there. I hate it particularly when rain suddenly whips up off the ocean and drops its load right on your head on the walk halfway between store and home. That just REALLY sucks. I hear you.

ilva said...

NEVER trust an Italian about the weather!

McAuliflower said...

Yeah, count me in on the drenched rat total.

I clutched my umbrella all day long today.

vlb5757 said...

Luckily we are having sunny weather. Which means I now have to get off the couch and have someone pry the remote from my hand and go outside to pull weeds. Drats!

darlamay said...

lol! Two peas in a pod, our men are

michelle said...

Hi Nerissa, Probably not! I don't mind walking in the rain so much as riding my bike in it, with no rain coat and glasses - I couldn't see anything! And LB just snickering away: "It's only a little sprinkle!" (No, it wasn't.)

Hi Ilva, Ha ha ha ha! You would know, wouldn't you!! Good advice!!

Hi McAuliflower, tricky Oregon weather - I usually have mine too, just didn't bring it with me on the bike! Well, I've certainly learned my lesson!

Hi Vickie, Lucky you with all the sun, but I don't have to pull weeds because it's raining out!!

Hi Darlamay, It does sound like it, doesn't it?!

Kitchen Queen said...

Oh gosh, that sounds so familiar, except it hasn't happened here (yet). We were living in the upper midwest then, and our last bike ride before fall turned into a chilly, windy, soaking race to get back to the car. What was worst about it is that we had our kids in those bike carriers and that slowed us both down. I was pulling our daughter, and she laughed and sang songs for most of the trip, which helped distract me from my cold crampy legs. But we all got miserable colds.

Come to think of it, that bike trip was hubby's idea.....

michelle said...

Hi KQ! Yuck! That sucks! Kids can sometimes see the best in the worst situations! And men seem to always get us in trouble...