Memes, memes, musical fruit?

Clare, my aussie host with the most kitties and yummy recipes I've ever seen, tagged me for this meme...The 5 Items Meme.

5 items in my fridge
Opened homemade jam (Black currant, fig, strawberry, blackberry...)
Organic non-fat milk (Milk is one thing I refuse to have be "conventional")
Too many condiments (Like Nerissa)
Our roommate's food (...Rotting in there unless I decide to throw it out)
Lots of fresh veggies (Right now: asparagus, bell peppers, spring greens (baby greens mix), green beans, beets...that's all I can think of right now...)

5 items in my closet
Lots of sweaters (It's chilly here during the rainy winter!)
Lots of shoes (I like shoes...but I think I only wear about 2-3 pairs...)
Loving Boyfriend's clothes (These take up way more space than I think they should...a girl should have more than half of the closet space...we have lots of clothes!)
Loving Boyfriend's shoes (Also taking up more space than should be permitted)
Mold (It raged an unfair attack on my shoes this winter...EW. It's so damp here in the winter!)

5 items in my car
Um, my car isn't running right now, so therefore it is completely devoid of my stuff...I've currently taken over LB's car...5 items I share that are in his car:
Dog blankets
Dog towels
One hair tie (for when the wind makes my hair stick to my chapsticked lips...I hate that!)
A very small assortment of CDs (we've had our car broken into in our driveway and everything stolen before)

5 items in my purse
Um, I don't really have a "purse"...I always leave it in some bar or restaurant or person's house if I attempt to be a "girl with a purse" and so, I usually just carry the necessary cards in my back pocket. BUT if I had a purse...it would be cute...and it would probably have in it...
A bunch of receipts
A wallet containing all of my cards I could possibly need (I seem to always be without the one I need at the time...)
Powder and lipstick (for special occasions...come on, I'm a marine biologist and a lab rat!)
Cell phone? (Maybe...I don't like being "electronically leashed" as my dad calls it unless I have to be...)

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6 comments from you:

Melissa CookingDiva said...

organic non-fat milk?---hmmm, you mean "organic sugar & water" :)

It has been raining lots here :(

A big hug!

Kitchen Queen said...

Wow, those are some personal items in that meme! Maybe I should clean some things up before I answer....

J said...

hi michelle, thanks for the peek into the fridge and closet ;)

Kate said...

My first official meme-ing! Hooray!

...off to clean my closet!

michelle said...

Hi Melissa! We actually get it from an organic dairy nearby, and it tastes like whole milk it's so rich and delicious! Try to stay cozy in the rain, my friend!

Hi KQ! nah, you don't know what I DIDN'T put in there!!!

Hi J! Just another little peek into a mysterious blogging identity, no? Have to let you all know I'm more than just food (even if only a little!). Hope you're doing well Jocelyn!

Hi Kate! Well then, my dear, it's about time!!

clare eats said...

I *swear* I left a comment here :(

oh well

Great job on the meme! your answers are soooo soooo similar to me!