Dishwasher Poached Salmon?!!

After getting various comments about the existence of this recipe, I had to check it out. So I did a search for "dishwasher poached salmon," and believe it or not, it does exist out there, even in the food blogging world. You basically wrap your salmon fillet in a tight package of aluminum foil and "poach" it in the top rack of your dishwasher. Most recipes state that you should only cook the fish by itself, run some tang or something through once before you cook it, and refrain from using soap, but this particular food blogger's attempt included doing the dishes at the same time! Read this amusing story from She Craves. She also graciously posts a link to the original recipe, although it appears there are several out there!

I briefly considered doing this myself, just to be able to post about it, but I just don't think I could stomach it! Anyone out there who wants to try, do write back and let us know how it goes!!

5 comments from you:

Nerissa said...

Grrr... I was writing something to you about this just a moment before until it seemed the computer was being controlled from elsewhere. First thought: ghost Second thought: hacker. It seems I was being hacked but by my f-in-law from downstairs who has some special way to access his computer from ANYWHERE. Freaky. However, I panicked and turned everything off, losing my note to you. Oh well, this make for a more interesting story than my previous note LOL I still think salmon in the dishwasher is gross-sounding and I refuse to attempt it ;-)

paz said...

LOL! I've heard about this, too, but never dared to try it. I prefer to read about it. ;-)


Rachael said...

They taught us this in cooking school, using the industrial machine (4 minutes, I think, is all it took at those temps) and it was perfectly good. I wouldnt do it in my HOME dishwasher, but I applaude people to try! Thanks for the post!

Kate said...

ew ew ew! bleh!

michelle said...

He he, I'm right there with you Nerissa! That's crazy that you can get hacked into by your father-in-law's computer...dee dee dee dee (the twilight zone theme)

Paz, me too!

Rachael, it seems to be a recipe out there that gets used by novices and chefs alike! But, that said, me neither!

Kate, well said, and agreed with!