The Challenge pulled a 'fast one' on us

Looks enticing, no?

A meal that comforts on those cool autumn evenings?

Root vegetables with couscous...we've been excited about comparing this recipe from our Challenge cookbook...imagining the ultimate in comfort food...after all, every single recipe we
have made from it has been awesome - fresh tomato basil soup, halibut pie, baked eggs with tarragon...even strange sounding ones like: salmon with cucumbers and creme fraiche have been surprisingly outstanding.

But Loving Boyfriend and I have compared this particular to the following:

We imagine that tree bark would have more flavor.
We would rather eat dirt.
We would rather eat anything but this (except, perhaps, liver).
Loving Boyfriend states that he would prefer to eat yellow snow.
...and further, gave him gas all night long, which was not nice for either one of us.

This is the end product of delicous ingredients. The smells from both the root veggies (parsnips, sweet potatoes, celery root, rutabaga, carrots and potatoes) and the spices (curry powder, saffron, ground ginger, and more) were incredible. We served it over whole wheat couscous with the recommended red sauce. It looked so yummy. It looks nice, but one taste was enough for both of us to look up from our plates, make crumpled up noses at eachother, and simultaneously say, "it's so bland!"

So, the recipe is NOT going in here. However, the dessert was muc
h better. Inspired by Shauna at Gluten-free girl (again), and to save the watermelon still sitting on our counters from a CSA box from weeks ago from an uncertain moldy death, I had whipped up a watermelon granita the night before, and it was finally frozen and ready to be eaten. This treat made all the bad memories of tree bark instantly disappear.

See Gluten-free Girl's recipe for her Watermelon Sorbet (it's towards the bottom of her post, after that yummy-looking fritatta). And because I only own an old-fashioned ice-cream maker (ie. requiring rock salt and copious quantities of ice), I made it granita style; pouring everything into a shallow glass dish, letting it freeze, and then scraping the top with a fork until we filled our glasses with the ice shavings. You won't regret it, and it's incredibly easy!

Here's the finished product:

BTW, it does turn out more of a luscious pink than it looks here; I blame the bad lighting in the kitchen (my sly way of begging for Loving Boyfriend to return the wrong-sized light bulbs we bought at BiMart so that we can have good kitchen lighting...). Which reminds me, if you're interested, see la dolce vita's new food contest, In the Pink, which Loving Boyfriend and I are both planning entries (we want to see who's recipe you prefer!).

8 comments from you:

Beth - The Zen Foodist said...

LOL, sorry to hear that the recipe turned out so poorly! I hate when that happens!

Dawn said...

Boy! Can't wait to try that recipe myself!

What I think is really funny is that it sounds like you'd rather eat dirt than liver...ditto here!

Shauna said...

OOh! I'm so excited that the watermelon granita turned out so well. It makes me ridiculously happy to see someone else trying out my recipe.

And um, I'd throw that other one out.

vlb5757 said...

Michelle, I corrected The Decorated Chef problem. I listed it under the Links section. I can't figure out how to get the link in the text. I did it once with your link and can't remember how it did it! Thanks for letting me know that it didn't work and I am sure my friend Pauli, thanks you too!

cookingdiva said...

Michelle, HOLA from Panama! Your watermelon granita looks beautiful and delicious! I will try it someday when we get a hot day here, right now is raining cats and dogs :) P.S. Will prepare something pink and post it in my blog...

McAuliflower said...

Hey Michelle!

Another Eugenean, about time. What lab are you in? I'm in the Westefield Lab. You should give me a buzz some time.


michelle said...

Yeah, I hate when a recipe doesn't turn out to tasting good...I mess up often, but they usually taste okay...I think we're going to try and make the leftovers into curry tonight? Cross your fingers!

So-Cal Foodie,
I would! Though maybe my 'adult palette' should try liver again...that would be a pretty big stretch for me. I did try fois gras in Mexico and it was actually pretty good, but I don't think I could make any myself!

No problem. There's a little icon on my computer for linking things, but I have Mozilla Firefox...you could try the blogger knowledge base link through dashboard? Good luck!

Wow! Panama! I've heard it's a gorgeous place! It's raining here now too - glad I got the granita in while it was still warm! Do join "In the Pink," it's for a great cause! I can't wait to see what you choose!

Another eugenian scientist foodie! that's fantastic! just promise not to tell my labmates what i do all day! i'm over in the johnson lab - and your picture definitely looks familiar. we'll have to meet up sometime. btw - i love your website and your artwork is really awesome.

michelle said...

ack! I missed you the first time around, Shauna! All your recipes are yummy that I've tried...I just made the stock this weekend, and it turned out fabulous also!