Yay! I get to brag about my dog(s)...#1

Well, the Internet decided not to work at my house this weekend, so this is a bit late, but hey, better late than never, right?

Weekend Dog Blogging #3 (and my first dog blogging event), thanks to Sweetnicks who put this whole thing together...finally, a chance to brag about my pup, like the proud parent I am...

This is Samson:

Isn't he sweet?

He's 5 months old.

And I love him very much. He melts my heart into a puddle whenever he looks at me with his multi-colored eyes and his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth.

He wakes me up every morning between the hours of 5:30 AM and 6:30 AM.

And most nights at least five times during the night too.

When he wakes me up, he does it by whining, barking, and jumping up on top of me in the bed.

He weighs a hefty 53 lbs.

At 5 months.

Which means he will probably end up being approximately 120 lbs when he is 1 year old.

He loves to chew things, eat poop, pull me around on the end of a leash, bark when he wants attention, and start play fights with our other dog, Cali.

Cali belongs to Loving Boyfriend.

This is Cali.

Some people have His and Hers towels, sinks, or rooms. We have His and Hers dogs, that match...His (Cali) and Hers (Samson). Well, they have very similar colors anyway.

Cali likes to sleep all day, chew quietly, and be lazy. Like us.

It was Loving Boyfriend's idea to get a puppy.

Good thing He's so cute.

3 comments from you:

Michèle said...

oh he is definitely adorable. My dog used to have the same nasty habit. In the winter we used to call them poopsicles.. and she often found a midnight snack in the cat's litter box. It was a nightmare to wake up to those kisses.

michelle said...

LOL! Poopsicles! That's hilarious! I hope they get over it at some point? Please?

Anonymous said...

u have s0me pretty cute doggies.