Beer for foodies?

**I'm not lost, I promise! To all my faithful readers, sorry my posts lately have been few and far between. Believe me, I've missed it and you! Sometimes being a graduate student has to come first, even though my first love is food and blogging...I've been extremely busy and taking a class in addition to all of my research, so the homework is killing me, and thus, I haven't been cooking much. I'm going to try and post on a more regular schedule and figure out some way to do my posting at home instead of at work, so hopefully things will even out a bit soon. Don't give up on me yet!**

Oh, and Happiest Halloween to you all! Stay tuned for the pumpkin pics!

In our attempt to "Conquer Eugene" (ie. take full advantage of our short time to live here by taking part in and doing everything possible that our lovely city has to offer), we recently stumbled upon a semi-new establishment - The Beer Stein. The Beer Stein has decent food (mostly soups and sandwiches) and pub-style seating (tall tables with stools and long, tall benches where you can make new friends) and an enormous collection of beer. They carry 10 seasonal beers on tap, a decent selection of wine (some local), and at the last count, 728 bottled varieties of beer from all around the world. We walked in, started looking around, and I must have tripped on Loving Boyfriend's jaw dragging along the floor about a hundred times.

The best part? You can pick up a six-pack, or case, or however many bottles you would like, and mix and match until your heart or beer belly is content. We decided we had to bring home a six pack. While we were browsing, I saw this jewel:

Traquair Jacobite Coriander-Flavored Ale

It's from Scotland. And I, of course, as you know me by now, could not resist the seductive pull of any type of beer with a food-related spin on it. Coriander flavored ale...what could that taste like? First, I had to find out exactly what coriander is...I have heard that it's the same thing as cilantro. And apparently, it is. But coriander is the seeds of the plant, while 'cilantro' is the name commonly used for the leaves, which bear no resemblance in taste to the seeds. It's a spice often used in middle eastern cuisine. Apparently, mention of coriander was found in early Sanskrit writings and the seeds were even discovered in Egyptian tombs dating back to 960 BC! I could hardly wait to get it home to try it.

And try it, I did. It's a very rich, dark beer. I don't pretend to know anything about beer, but it's yummy. When I poured it out into the glass, and brought it up to my nose, it had a spicy, earthy - even semi-floral - smell. And it goes down very smooth. The taste is sweet and herbal, and you can actually taste the coriander. I was impressed. Even cooler? It's made in an alehouse in the oldest house in Scotland! Definitely pick this one up if you like dark beer and give it a try!

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vlb5757 said...

Okay, all is forgiven that you have a life! lol! I don't drink beer but after reading this I just might change my mind! It's nice to see you are back. I know I have missed reading about your cooking adventures! What will I do if you EVER go on vacation without a lap top??? Parish the thought!!!!!!

michelle said...

Ha ha! I hate having a life sometimes! It feels like I live under someone else's schedule! Do you drink wine, then? Red or white? I've been missing seeing all your adventures and I can't wait to hear about your vacation! I don't usually take my laptop...but don't worry, I don't have a vacation planned without internet access until January!

vlb5757 said...

I drink white wine. I guess I am a white wine snob. Ever since having stomach surgery, red wine gives me such wicked heart burn that it's just not worth the agony. You have to take your lap top on vacation. How will we keep track of you otherwise??? So are you going anywhere wonderful for vacation? We all have to go with you so pick a place where we all can eat together and then blog about it. lol!

Melissa CookingDiva said...

I love wine, sure I do. BUT, I LOVE a tasty dark beer. That is my favorite drink if I can find one :)

michelle said...

Hi Vickie - We're all snobs about something! I get heartburn with red wine too, but mostly just the morning after if I drink too much red wine! My 'vacation' is really a conference in Florida in January - it's work, but it's nice to get away from the lab for a while...plus there will be all of those new restaurants to try out! I'll try my best to pick out a good one for us!

Hi Melissa - I think I prefer wine, but I definitely won't give up a good beer if offered!

McAuliflower said...

The Bier Stein is great! Sweets works across the street from them, so we've had the occasional lunch date there.

I like that they cater to my lambic needs (ohhh raspberry!). last week Sweets dragged me in for a chocolate stout on nitro that he swore tasted like chocolate bars when tapped fromt he top.

Shauna said...


So good to see you back. When I'm done writing evaluations for all 54 of my students, I'll come back and read the entire post. (I'm guiltily purloining time from them right now.) But the pumpkins are tremendous! And the severed hand on the cutting board? Priceless.

You can go on vacation without a laptop only if you come to Seattle. And then you can use mine.

michelle said...

Hi Shauna!
Oh yes, I remember having all of that work when I was teaching. Teachers are amazing human beings...they should be paid so much more for the service they provide! Ha ha - I'll make my way up there someday...it will happen. I just wish I could come and make you some gluten-free comfort food while you're down!