the seven meme

seven has always seemed like a lucky number to me. and lucky me, i was tagged by Melissa, the culinary prowess behind Cookingdiva, for the seven meme (thanks, Melissa!). so here goes:

7 things to do before i die:
i would really love to go to italy and indulge in all of the glorious food and wine available there (and of course, visit my friend, Ilva). Plus, there are about a bazillion other places (and bloggers) I would love to visit. i want to have children (at least one!) and see them grow up and become parents themselves. learn to make and decorate cakes well enough that even as my own biggest critic, i'm still happy with them. own a house. work at a job that i love going to, every day. get most of my vegetables from my own garden.

7 things i cannot do:
eat ketchup. eat hotdogs. wear a mini-skirt. wear my hair up when other people are around. downhill ski (and yes, i am from Colorado, but i don't downhill ski!). wear a bunch of make-up. gracefully let Loving Boyfriend beat me at something. refrain from worrying about something.

7 things that attracted me to blogging:
meeting new friends with interests similar to my own. the recipes. the incredible photography. the laughter that comes when reading some of my favorite witty bloggers. learning about how other people, in my own country and in many other countries, eat and cook and enjoy food. actually making my own website. taking my own pictures of food!

7 things i say most often:
"Samson, NO." "Will you get this down for me?" (i'm 5'0") "Will you put this back up for me?" (i'm 5'0") "Not while I'm cooking!" "Ack! There's dog hair in my food!" "It's raining." "This stupid experiment never works!!"

7 books i love:
The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The Stranger, by Albert Camus. The Art of Eating, by MKF Fisher and Joan Reardon. The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown. Jitterbug Perfume, by Tom Robbins. The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, by Rebecca Wells.

7 movies i could watch over and over:
Sliding doors. The Lord of the Rings. Like Water for Chocolate. Seven Senses. Amelie. Shawshank Redemption. The Usual Suspects.

7 bloggers i'm tagging:
i think everyone i know has already been tagged! If not, consider yourself to be so now - Tag, you're it!

5 comments from you:

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Great list Michelle! I also want to visit Ilva,...someday, you will see! :)
What's the breed of your dog?

farmgirl said...

LOL, these memes are all over the place! : )

I loved your list because it made me smile and laugh. Some things in common, too. I recently read The Alchemist and really enjoyed it (it starred a shepherd, how could I not love it? : ) Also love Divine Secrets. . .

And I just have to make sure: you have read the book Like Water For Chocolate, right? I mean, the movie was great, but you gotta read the book! : )

Ha ha, liked reading about being trapped in Florida with a bunch of scientists, too. : )

ilva said...

So when are you coming? I'm waiting... and I'm tall so I can help you with getting down the food you want to buy from the shelves!.

Nerissa said...

I can relate to some of the things in this meme of yours. I'm short too for somethings at 5'3" but still I'm able to reach things for my mother and sister who are shorter (my mom by nearly half a foot!)

I have 'The Alchemist' by my bedside table but haven't picked it up yet.

I've noticed a lot of ladies (including myself) who have children on their "to do" list.

Movies: Isn't 'Sliding Doors' that movie with the cute Scottish actor with curly dark hair whose accent makes my knees turn to water? Hmmmmmm

michelle said...

Hi Melissa! Well, of course I would love to come and see you in Panama too - I've heard really great things! My pup is a husky/lab/rottweiler mix - he looks a lot like a husky. There's a picture here:
He's a mut, but I love him - he's got a really great personality, and is really mellow, for a puppy. :)

Hi Farmgirl! I know, memes are everywhere! I'm glad to see that someone else liked the Alchemist as much as I did. It's one I often give as a gift to close girlfriends who are having life troubles. The Little Prince, too. And I'm ashamed to admit it, but no, I haven't actually read the book. I'll have to add it to my very long list of books to read (books are ALWAYS better!).

Hi Ilva,
As soon as I win the lottery. Or Loving Boyfriend finally asks me to marry him and someone else helps pay for the honeymoon!! Ha!

Hi Diningdica,
I always wanted to be at least 5'2", but never made it. You should definitely pick up the Alchemist, it's one of my favorites (as you've seen). I did notice that too - plus, I just read a book for my book club about a little girl with Leukemia and her family and I think that's why it was so forefront in my brain! And yep, it's John Hannah. I just love how the movie makes you think about how a single decision can change your life (and then you realize that we make a thousand decisions a day - kind of starts to trip you out! Have you seen "What the bleep do we know?"