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Tagged, again! Nerissa, at Deetsa's Diningroom, tagged me for the TMI meme...and since I've already confessed my culinary inadequacies, I figured that now I should confess more general stuff. Head on over to her site to see all of her little divulgences...

Here goes: Ten things you (probably really) didn't (want to) know about me

10. I don't wear my hair up when other people are around. Ever. I don't do this because when I was in elementary and middle school, my brother and his best friend would always tease me about my ears - which stick out ever so slightly. I developed a complex about it, and no matter what Loving Boyfriend or anyone else has done to try and convince me otherwise, I just can't do it! Of course, he feels bad about it now (right, bro? well, he'd better anyway!), but too little, too late!

9. I have (thankfully) survived two really horrible car accidents.

8. I have a tattoo.

7. Loving Boyfriend and I have our own wine label:

M&Ms Boot-knockin' Blackberry Blast: This slightly sweet wine comes to you straight from Cali and Samson's back yard - all organically fertilized - and made with love by M. and Michelle (his labor, her pleasure). Enjoy with family and friends. 750 mls.
Bottled in Eugene, OR.

6. Although I have very eclectic music tastes, I prefer bluegrass and folk music to any other kind.

5. I once paid $75 dollars for a 16 oz. bottle of conditioner, from Lush. (But I didn't really mean to...the price was in English pounds...I thought I was splurging a little, but with the shipping, it turned out to be a LOT! Luckily, their website also has prices in dollars now too!)

4. I can't stay out in the woods overnight by myself - I'm pretty convinced that I'm afraid of the dark (at least that kind of dark)...and I don't like storm drains. I blame this on reading too many scary novels, like Stephen King's IT, when I was younger.

3. I once got asked out on a date by my cousin. (We didn't know!) Luckily, I didn't like him very much (in that way), so I had turned him down. We ran into eachother again at a family reunion, about two years later. Also lucky for us, we aren't related by blood, just marriage.

2. I've jumped out of a perfectly good airplane - with the intention of going all the way to the ground and hoping my parachute opens before I hit it. Some people call this "skydiving." (It's actually an incredible adrenaline rush...and everyone should try it once...I just don't ever need to do it again. Ever.)

1. I have been to the bottom of the ocean in the deep-sea submersible, DSR Alvin (2500 meters!).

10 comments from you:

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Michelle, no diving for me, thanks :(

A tatoo? which is the design?

Two car accidents? OMG!!! I am so happy that they were not THAT serious :)

P.S. Hey, you missed the best part of my recent article published at Glogal Voices: Look at the bottom of the article, this is thye link: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/globalvoices/2006/01/21/global-fusion-creating-delicious-food-one-meal-at-the-time/

paz said...

Wow! Impressive list. I love your wine labe! Really cool! Glad you survived the car accidents.


MM said...

Ouch, glad you survived your car accidents! Was in one too and now I am kind of phobic about intoxicated people driving.

Love skydiving though. Rather die that way than because some drunk driver plowed me into a lamp post.

Hey, how did you make your wine? Love the label!

And thanks for all your lovely compliments at my site!

vlb5757 said...

Michelle, I knew that I liked you for a very good reason. Now I can see it's for more than one. I have two tatoos and am hoping to get a third in Feb at that tatoo parlor in Vegas that has been on the Discovery channel. I too, love things from Lush. I love those fizzy bath balls. I have thought about sky diving but I think all my courage was used up with scuba diving. Oh well. I will wave to you on the ground!

Wine label. Now why didn't you send me any of that stuff???

Clare Eats said...

I love finding out more things about people! I really want to go skydiving and hanggliding! Been to the bottom of the ocean! WOW!!!!!

michelle said...

Hi Melissa - me neither, now! except scuba diving! My tattoo is a moon with a face and a star hanging from the top of it. It's the size of a nickle and even though I got it when I was 18, I still like it. Thanks again for your mention in Global Voices, you're such a great advertiser for me!

Hi Paz! Thanks for visiting! I'm one of those 'lurkers' on your site, actually...every time I get over there to check it out, I end up having to leave (experiment, boss comes over, boyfriend wants to go home, etc.) before I can comment...don't worry I'll comment someday! Glad you like our label - we were proud of it! I'm glad I made it through the accidents too :)

Hi MM! Glad you could come by, my adventurous recipe-maker! I'm pretty paranoid myself, but one of mine was a pile up, so I don't like brake lights! We made the wine by picking all the blackberries in our back yard and fermenting them with yeast and sugar. It's actually not bad for our first try - we were kind of proud and gave it away as Christmas gifts! And you're very welcome for the comments - well deserved!

Hi Vickie - Well, I knew I liked you from the beginning too, but I hadn't pictured you as the tattoo type originally, so now I know I like you even more :) You're going to the one in Vegas?! What a story that will be! I want to hear all about it! When is that trip, anyway? I know it's not too far away...You've heard of Lush, too? I'm so excited that someone else has heard of them! I've got one of those balls too! Scuba diving is way cooler than skydiving, in my opinion. And my dear friend, I did not send you any of our wine (even knowing you love home-made goodies) because I feared for your safety - we didn't get all the yeast completely out before we bottled it. We discovered this because one of the bottles in our kitchen blew up. Lucky for us, it was inside a box, so the clean up wasn't tooo bad. But perhaps we should have added to the label: Danger, drink immediately!!

Hi Clare! You should, you should! Do it! And the bottom of the ocean was, by far, one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

Jeff in MD said...

Great list of stuff! Now I feel like a boring person! I don't know if I could ever skydive though - that takes guts! Thanks for sharing, Michelle!

ilva said...

I liked it all but especially that you have been at the bottom of the ocean! I have this horror-fascination for abysses so I have had to read a lot about it to tame my fear. What was it like on the way down? I know more or less what it is like on the bottom but not how it feels like being surrounded by all that darkness... Now whe have to meet, I want to know more more more

Nerissa said...

Hiya, M! Great list

10) Funny what childhood comments can do to your self-image. I've my own bugaboos too.
9) I'm really glad you survived them. Hurrah!
8)Good for you. Give me more convincing on a tattoo so I'll actually research it better. ;)
7)I love the label! How's the wine (before it blows up that is LOL)Maybe you shouldn't have called it "blast"
6)I have eclectic music tastes too. Don't know if I have a preference. Depends on my mood
5)God. Tell me about it. I did that with some cds from Great Britain once. It really wasn't the exchange that was bad. It was the ruddy shipping!
4)I can somewhat relate to these fears. The fear of the dark and unknown is always scary but I got lost in the woods once and I'm here to tell the tale. So it can't be THAT bad ;)
3)Hey. It happens!
2)Ooooh. Go one more time. I'll come with you. I've never been.
1)Ooooh. Go one more time. I'll come with you. I've never been there either.

michelle said...

Hi Jeff - he he, and I always think that I'm boring...believe me, my daily life IS boring! But I've had a few exciting times in my life for sure! Besides, you have to push yourself sometimes...it's good for you!

Hi Ilva - Okay, as soon as I win the lottery, I'll be there!!! Going down wasn't really that exciting. It's dark, you turn off the lights and you turn on some music, and you start praying that in the next 8 hours, you won't have to pee. And on the bottom, you've got all your lights on, so it's not really like being surrounded by darkness, even though you are...plus there are all those amazing animals at the vents to look at!

Hiya back, N! Let's see: you should definitely get a tattoo - they're fun to have...just be careful where you get it...a place where it won't get distorted (ie...belly if you plan on kids) and think about if you want to get it in a place where you'll still have to look at it when you're 80! I love mine though, but it's on my back, so I kind of forget it's there a lot. Then when I remember I get to say something like: oh look! my tattoo is sooo cute! You're right about the wine label! LOL!! I'm glad you were found in the woods! And okay, if you come with me, I'll go skydiving again...I think...and hey, as long as you're paying for the submersible, I'll be right there beside you!