Christmas in February!

What's better than getting a surprise package in the mail?

Nothing, right?

It's sort of like Christmas, but on any old ordinary day.
Getting to rip the tape off the package...
fighting off Loving Boyfriend so that I actually get to open the package
that has my name on it

(he can hardly stand to wait until I open it myself because he gets so excited)...
just wondering what could possibly be inside...

Yep, there's nothing better than getting a surprise package in the mail.

Unless, of course, you get a surprise package filled with Belgian chocolates!
And a whole suite of other goodies!

You guessed it...I recently recieved my Blogging By Mail (BBM#4) package..."The Music Edition," hosted by Food Ninja. This is my second time participating, and I've been SO lucky to have two wonderful packages filled with foodstuffs from two countries I've never been to! Last time, it was Clare, from Eatstuff.net, and this time, the lovely Eva, who unfortunately for me, does not have a blog, but is an avid blog-reader! Eva, THANK YOU for all of the wonderful gifts! Eva is Swedish, but living in Belgium, and here's just a few of the delicious goodies she sent my way:

1) Chocolate: Lots of different kinds of Belgian chocolates to try - as she said, "no package from Belgium is complete with out a bit of Belgium chocolates!" Loving Boyfriend has been banned from eating too many of them because I want to savour them myself!

2) Reindeer Salami: Harkening to her Swedish roots, this is a Swedish specialty, and it's delicious. LB and I took it on our cross-country trip this last weekend as we were celebrating Valentine's day a bit early, and it hit the spot just right!

3) Plum Chutney: Homemade! I haven't gotten to open this one, but I plan on it soon!

4) Belgian Waffles: Lucky me! These are definitely not going to last long around my house.

5) Bruschetta herbs: I haven't opened this yet either, but I already bought the bread to slather with a spread containing these herbs.

6) Little snacks: a bag of little candy gummy-like snacks to try - I haven't dug into these yet either, but I will soon...I've been too pre-occupied with the chocolate!

7) Almond Cookies: These look really tasty too, but I haven't gotten my hands in the box yet.

8) And because the theme of this month's BBM was "Music," Eva also included a CD filled with folk songs (my favorite) from many different countries. It's perfect, and I love that it's filled with songs that I would not have known about without an introduction from Eva.

You can check out the round-up from the rest of the participants here. Thanks for hosting, Food Ninja!

I think I might have jinxed myself naming this post after Christmas...it's supposed to SNOW here in Eugene, Oregon tomorrow and on Monday! We only rarely get snow...this will be the first time I've been in town when we've had it!

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Kitchen Queen said...

Wow, all those things sound so good!

ilva said...

I understood that the sender was Swedish because of the package of Bilar. It means cars and I love them despite the fact that there are nicer sweets around! The Swedish slogan for them is: 'Ahlgren's Cars, the only way to stop them is to put them in your mouth' because stop can also mean put in Swedish so you get two stops! I'm raving, do you understand a single thing of what I'm writing???? Lucky you, what a nice food parcel!

Kate said...

What a fabulous event! How can I participate? Who's hosting the next one?

I love sending packages =)

michelle said...

Hi Kitchenqueen - they are!

Hi Ilva - thanks for the info - I was wondering what they were! I haven't delved into that package yet, but now I'm even more excited. I actually directed Eva to your site b/c of her Swedish background - it made me immediately think of you!

Hi Kate - your picture is so cute! i haven't figured out who is hosting the next one...I'll try to find out for you and comment on your blog. Anyone can participate, so you should definitely sign up!

Clare Eats said...

Another awesome package? awwww :)

eva said...

Glad you liked the parcel - and the music!

And yes, sorry that there was no explanation regarding the Swedish candies - but they were put in as last-minute-additions. Wanted to add something Swedish apart from the reindeer, although I have limited access to Swedish food here.

The Dolfin chocolate has become my favorite Belgian chocolate, so was glad that you liked it too!

The pain aux amandes are very Belgian, and I like them a lot! The bruschetta spice mix can be used with pasta, omelette, etc (think I forgot to write about those two in the letter..).

Was not sure what I could and could not send to the US so did not dare add anything for your dogs - but maybe some other time! Have had dogs "all my life" but can't have one here in Belgium, so she is still in Sweden. I have a canary, but that is not the same..!

I am still waiting for a parcel to arrive for me, and am getting impatient!! :)

michelle said...

Hi Clare! Don't worry, I still love my Australian package too!

Hi Eva! I did love everything! Ilva (the blog I told you about) explained to me the Bilar, so I figured it out! I love the pain aux amandes (I ate half the box in one sitting on Saturday - I just couldn't help myself!) and the Belgian waffles are sublime! I broke into those this weekend too - both warm and cold - but expecting to have to put syrup on them before I tasted how sweet they are! I had to remind myself to save a couple for the boyfriend, because I wanted to eat them all myself! That's too bad you had to leave your dog in Sweden - I would be so sad! But canaries are cool too - I used to have a parakeet. I hope you get your parcel soon! Any idea who is hosting the next one? I've had several people ask me, but I can't figure it out anywhere!

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Everything looks great! I bet they are gone by now :)

Jelly said...

You're lucky! Eva's sends great packages eh?! (She was my BBM3 partner!)
Did you have a favourite Dolfin chocolate? I got to try 3 of them and they were delicious (a milk Masala one, and dark ones with annisette and pink peppercorns.) SO good!
I'd love to try the cinnamon and Earl Grey ones! Were they yummy?

I dont think BBM5's been announced, but if you're interested in hosting, I think you contact Nic, the original host, at http://bakingsheet.blogspot.com
She might be able to say if a host has been decided on yet!