My Dear Loving Boyfriend: I have a confession...

...I've fallen in love, with another.

I know that we've had great times and laughed and dreamed together now for three fantastic years, and I promise this was only a one-day stand. But you have to understand how passionate I felt about this - it was as if some Divine Power designed him, just for me. He was just incredible, and gorgeous. He had such strong, majestic features - everyone that walked towards him and saw him from a distance just can't help themselves: they have to go and find out what he's about. And just like them, I couldn't help myself either...I was drawn to him.

And on the inside - oh, yes, on the inside - he's amazing. He's so full of adventure, offers such new and exciting things, and is just bursting with all kinds of knowledge. I confess: I spent all day with him while you were doing your interviews at Berkeley...I drove straight to the City to be with him after you left...and I didn't leave until after dark.

Tsar Nicoulai truffled whitefish caviar

But I laughed and smiled all day! I felt ecstatic to be there with him, and he taught me so much in our short time together. We shared sustainably grown caviar and champagne together in the morning, ate Miette Patisserie gingerbread cupcakes and Parisian macroons on the pier while we watched ships come in from the Bay. We explored the spices at Boulettes Larder together and dreamed of the goose stock, homemade creme fraiche and leg of lamb slow-cooked in pomegranate molasses we would make someday. We browsed an entire bookstore devoted mostly to books on food and cooking and tasted specialty olive oils, home-made granolas and Cowgirl creamery cheeses (Mt. Tam was my favorite) spread thickly on crusty Artisan bread. We finished off our perfect day together with Michael Ricchiuti chocolates and a glass of rich, red California wine.

Miette Patisserie gingerbread cupcake

And oh, the gifts. The glorious gifts I brought home with me from him! It was as if he knew every ingredient I have been longing for and presented it to me on a silver platter! Himilayan Pink Sea Salt, Spanish piparra peppers, pomegranate molasses, woodear mushrooms, Grains of Paradise, and the most perfect white glass cake stand I could have ever imagined from Italy.

I'm sorry, my love. I just couldn't help myself. I hope that you can forgive me for my weaknesses and someday, let me return. I know it may sound crazy, but I hope that you will come then and meet him too...I just know that you'll love him as much as I do.

My new love:
the Ferry Street Marketplace, San Francisco, CA

* * * * *
Loving Boyfriend and I were both offered jobs in the Bay area while we were there (Yay!) and had a wonderful time visiting friends. We had a very long (20+ hours!) home because of bad weather, so I'm very glad to be home! He's now in Madison, WI for his final interview. He'll be returning on Wednesday, and then hopefully we'll be able to figure out where we're going to be living for the next 4-5 years!

Stay tuned for details on my American Caviar tasting and my trek to the "Gourmet Ghetto" in Berkeley (of Chez Panisse fame)...and I'm also going to make something with that delicious harissa too!

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Anonymous said...

I am so sad you are going to be leaving Eugene. I live just south of you and you led my husband and I both to fall in love with the cowboy and The pizza reasearch institute. Now we are going to have to search these restaurants out for ourselves once again. I am rooting for you to choose Berkley I grew up there and in my opinion there is no better place to live even with the traffic and cost of living all the perks truely make up for the few downfalls. good luck

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Michelle,...Oh! you have brought back many memories of the years I lived in CA. I love SF and Berkeley too.

I hope, one day I have the chance to meet your new love. Hope you do not mind :)

Many Hugs,

bea at la Tartine gourmande said...

Very funny! It is the food that brought you together, aha! So it is for real, yes?

michelle said...

Anonymous: Don't be sad! It'll still be a year (at least) before I'll be off to new adventures. I love this place and I plan on exploiting it for every bit of food love I can get! Where do you live? I really loved Berkeley too; it's so hard to make decisions for two people's careers and know what is the best for both!

Melissa: Hello my friend! I hope you can visit the Ferry Street Building someday too - and if we're there, hopefully I can go with you!

Bea: Well, my dear, my love of the Ferry STreet Building and all of it's food vendors is very real, but my heart truly belongs to my Loving Boyfriend! (next time I plan on begging him to come with me so that he can share in all my food adventures!) Thanks for visiting!

paz said...

Congrats on your job offers! Exciting!

From your descriptions, I think I've fallen in love, too. ;-)

Looking forward to your future posts!


ilva said...

Michelle-Sounds so fun that I can feel envy stinging over here! I hope the work situation will be solved soon, it's nice to be able to start planning a bit!

vlb5757 said...

Oh my goodness, I thought you changed professions to start writing romance novels! Could there be a career change in the future? I am left hanging...

Kitchen Queen said...

What an awesome post! And Madison isn't such a bad place to live either, especially if you like artisanal cheeses. Lots of that going on in Wisconsin.