Souffle...by ovenlight

No recipe for this...just from the picture archives. But a rising souffle is something that can be appreciated just by itself, I think. Well, I was proud anyhow. Until I burned the crap out of my tongue trying to eat and serve it before it deflated completely - just so that LB would see how high it had risen and be proud of me. Gosh, the things we do for love.

Thus, should I file this under Day 2 of The TarFoBlo-NaBloPoMo (Day 3 for the real NaBloPoMo crowd)? Or, perhaps as some Kitchen Wisdom: Please, please, let your souffle deflate...your unsinged taste buds will thank you.

We already have one other latecomer joining in...go see Mochene at The Sweet Life; also the name of my favorite bakery in town, Sweet Life Patisserie. Pastry chefs rule! Anyone else care to join us? Are we the only two tardy "kids" out there? Helllooooo???

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Natalia said...

Beautiful souffles! They rose quite nicely. I like the idea of blogging everyday, but I don't think I'd actually do it. Or that I have enough interesting things to say. I will try to get posting more often though. I haven't been doing a good job either and I miss it.

ilva said...

ok I join the The TarFoBlo-NaBloPoMo but with the added WhPo meaning When Possible which makes it into The TarFoBloNaBloPoMoWhPo for me!

Julie said...

TarFoBlo-NaBloPoMo? An even better acronym!

I have never made a souffle and it's on my list of things to cook. I'll take your advice though and try to avoid scalding my tongue.

Anonymous said...

I am playing too, but I made up my own rule. I have more than one blog, and I get to decide which one I post on, as long as I post on one of them everyday.

michelle said...

Natalia, well, ALMOST everyday! The weekends are kind of tough since I don't have a computer at home, but hey, us tardy-types can make up our own rules for this one, right? I'm just trying to get myself posting more too - for the same reason as you - I miss it (and you guys/girls!).

Ilva, Ha ha ha ha ha - you always make me smile! Welcome aboard to the tardy group!

Julie, This was my first attempt as well, and I learned my lesson!!

ElwoodCity, Great! I'm making up my own rules too (no weekends unless I, by some miracle, end up with a computer at home - no going into work unless I have to on the weekends!!) Thanks for coming by - I'll come say hi on Monday!!

Clare Eats said...

TarFoBlo wow that is a mouthfull.

Your litte souffles are adorable!
Just what I need CHOCOLATE :)

michelle said...

Clare, try Ilva's added WhoPo! Thank you dear, I think I might have to find myself some chocolate too... (and I need to write you an email I think....:)

Clare Eats said...

I would love an email :)
Those little souffles are going to be very high on my list of things to make.

I have to make a chocolate, almond and cherry torte on the weekend and I think I am going to blog it.... I miss it and everyone I have just had so much work! *sob* I know you know how that feels.

I think I just have a dirty mind but those names make me *giggle* lol

michelle said...

Email on the way. Do make little souffles (wow, that looks weird spelled out, but I guess it's right!) - it's so cool how they rise. I just saw a recipe for souffles with caramel creme anglais - and there are so many great-sounding recipes out there! Your torte sounds awesome! I would love if you shared it with us (we miss you; but, yes, I totally understand)! Hang in there, though, you're getting it...I know you are and your lit review is going to be spectacular! You DO have a dirty mind...I thought the same, but I wasn't about to say it! he he he he he...