The Tardy Foodblogger's NaBloPoMo

Dang. I missed it.

I'm too late to join in for NaBloMo (National Blog Posting Month, if, like myself, you weren't in the know), but I like the idea so much that I think I have to join in nonetheless, even if I can't officially join in.

The idea is that it will get you blogging.
Every day.
For the entire month of November.

That sounds like something I need these days. Sort of how I need to take an aerobics class to force myself to exercise. With a friend. And sometimes a second friend that will hold myself and my first friend accountable for going, because my first friend is just a little too much like myself. In fact, we've even paid for aerobics classes with the intention of going, and then never gone. Not one single time. But that's another story.

Lately, every spare moment I've had has been filled with the responsibilities of being a Teaching Assistant, trying to get some major lab work in so that I can graduate in May, and making every attempt possible at living a so-called "normal" life with two dogs, my boyfriend, one roommate and an insane amount of other things that just seem to "come up" daily. Not to mention planning our up-and-coming wedding. Sheesh. Is it Whine Blogging Wednesday yet? Oh, wait, I guess I missed that too. Ah well, life is all about new beginnings, right?

The fact is, I miss ya. I miss all of ya. I miss your sites, your smiling faces, your photography, your recipes, your comments, all of it. I miss cooking elaborate meals and making fun things to share. I miss taking pictures of my food (weird to the outside world, I know, but I know you understand). This blogging community really is just that: a community. I miss my community. Not only a community, but a group of friends, separated only by miles but brought close through their adventures in the kitchen and their passion for food. I miss my friends.

However, I do have to remember to go and get some batteries for my camera...so it may be at least until Monday before I can post a picture that isn't lurking in the cyberspace of my computer. So, please, bear with me. I probably won't be able to post on the weekends either, but I promise to try and post as often as I can on them. And to post something every single day. Be it a picture. A poem. A tidbit of wisdom. Starting today, with this post. And second to this, I promise to try and come by your sites as often as I can, even if I can't make it by every day. I hope that you're all doing well...

Feel free to join me in The Tardy Foodblogger's NaBloPoMo, if you'd like. We can all just begin whenever we come across another Tardy Blogger posting every day - this way it doesn't matter that the official boat sailed on by us - we can still just hop on and smile! Maybe good-naturedly moon them as they pass just for being goody-two-shoes (how the heck do you spell that anyhow?) and then smile, smile, smile. And post. Post. Post.

If you'd like to read the real NaBloPoMo members, stop by Fussy's and check out who's in on it - those people who are far more on top of things than I am. Good for them! Good for me for trying, tardy as I am. Good for you for joining up even later than me! Ahh...it's nice to be back.

8 comments from you:

Mochene said...

Ooh, I'm tardy too. We're like two kids who skipped class, but one got wind of a pop quiz, so now, we're both trying to study on the bus before class so we don't fail. Ha ha! I'm late by one more day. Gotta skedaddle over to my blog and post. Good thing I stopped by today.

michelle said...

mochene: he he he...but we're going to get away with it! and we'll still ACE the test! glad you're joining in!!

Julie said...

I like this whole NaBloPoMo -- not that I'm participating other than by reading. But it's big-time fun to have new entries to read every day. You go!

michelle said...

Julie, well it's good to have you here no matter what! Good to "see" you! I'll come by to say hi to you too!

mrs d said...

Hey Michelle, funny you should mention this. I actually sat with my browser open to Fussy's NaBloPoMo at 11:57pm on November 1st, contemplating a sign-up. I then realized I had about ten days of icky work to do before I could commit to anything remotely resembling daily posting. But hey, better late than never!

michelle said...

Mrs D - you couldn't have said it better! Glad you're coming aboard...now, have you decided which blog you're going to blog from/keep/keep the same/reinvent/love/?!!

mrs d said...

I'm merging all into the Belly, but I might keep the second (new) blog around for some auxilliary items -- lengthy photo reports, or some such.

Gotta run... I'm procrastinating on my day 2 post. Oy. In trouble already!

michelle said...

That's what I gathered from your post yesterday. So glad that you're back, procrastinating, like I am! (no police here - I've missed a few myself!)