Forget Meet and Greet, Let's Meet and Eat!

Whew - after weeks of not having a computer, and then running into network problems once I did have one, I think I am finally back in the technological world once and for all! So I want to tell you about something exciting that recently went on in my "food world." Stay tuned, because with all that computer down time on my hands, my pictures have been piling up and I now have lots of "food fodder" ready for the days to come!

Not long ago, I got an unexpected email from a San Jose blogger, Nate, one of the masterminds behind the fabulous blog House of Annie. Nate was inquiring if I wanted to get together with some fellow food bloggers for dinner at a well-respected Japanese restaurant in Honolulu, Tokkuri-Tei. Would I? Of course! Thanks to Nate, I was able to meet and eat (even better than "meet and greet" as far as I'm concerned!) with count 'em 4 other food bloggers! Thanks to Foodbuzz.com we were all able to take advantage of a special program called "Dine on Us" that they provide for their Featured Publishers. Basically, if you are a Featured Publisher (FP) and want to get together with other FPs in your area, Foodbuzz will graciously foot the bill (once each year) for an evening of good food and good people so that you can network and meet the other foodies in the area (if you're interested in becoming a FP yourself, more information can be found here and you can sign up by filling in this little survey) - how cool is that? One other note about this company that I find a big bonus: they're green! They support other environmentally friendly businesses and care
about the recent loss of honeybees (they even sent out seeds for bee-friendly flowers). If you don't know about Foodbuzz yet, be sure to check it out - it's a great site for networking and finding new blogs; sort of like Facebook for Foodies!

Nate and his wife, Annie, were in Honolulu visiting family. The
other food bloggers that joined us were Albert, from Pizza Therapy and my new foodie friend, Deb, from Kahakai Kitchen.
Like most food bloggers, we could talk the entire night away about our favorite subject of food - which, I have to say, is so nice (normal friends start to tune me out after a while...)! Nate and Annie were both truly enjoyable - Nate's a whiz at the technical stuff and got us all up to date on the newest blogging features. Albert is a whiz with the technology too, and also one of the most genuine people I have ever met. And Annie and Deb and I had a great time discussing favorite dishes and cooking styles.

from left: Albert, me, Annie, Nate and Deb (photo courtesy of Albert)

Tokkuri Tei has an enormous menu, and those of us unfamiliar with Japanese cuisine were a bit daunted at first, but Annie swooped in to the rescue and offered to choose a smattering of several different dishes for the table to share family-style. The wait staff was also friendly and offered several suggestions, including the incredible "spider-poke" (pronounce po-kay) roll, an award-winning combination of ahi tuna, spider crab, and ikura fish roe. The salmon-skin tofu salad with silken tofu and topped with nori strips was also amazing. As was the salmon belly and the hamachi - all of the fish served was excellent and very fresh. All of these dishes were favorites around the entire table. One tip: Don't order everything you want at once - it will all come out at once and there won't be room on the table! Order a few things, then if you are stilll hungry a few more. You can read the other blogger's take on the evening and enjoy their fabulous photos here, here and here (my camera was also having issues, so I'll have to let them do the food porn...).

So, while it's coming a bit late due to the computer issues, thanks to Nate, Annie, Deb and Albert for an incredible evening of good food, new friends and tons of enjoyment. And thanks most of all to Foodbuzz for allowing it to happen!

Tokkuri Tei

611 Kapahulu Avenue

Honolulu, HI


Lunch: 11 AM- 2 PM, daily

Dinner: 5:30 PM - midnight, daily

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Debinhawaii said...

You are back--yea new computer! Great write up. Not loving the picture but it is better than the one where I look like a cyclops I guess. Hope the rest of your weekend was good!

Nate-n-Annie said...

Hi Michelle!

Thanks for coming to dinner with us. We couldn't have done it without you. Hope you can get other Hawaii foodbloggers to join FoodBuzz so that next year y'all can go eat out again!

We went back to Tokkuri Tei on Friday with my mom because we talked so much about it she wanted to go too. Had an enjoyable time sitting at the bar, watching the itamae do his work.

I know what you mean about being backlogged. We still haven't caught up on blogging about all our Hawaii adventures, and we're busy creating new posts already. *sigh* so much to blog about...

Christie @ fig&cherry said...

Oh how fun! I want to organise one too now! ;)

Zoomie said...

I enjoy my get-togethers with local food bloggers here, too! As you say, other friends get bored and tune us out after a while! :-)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I've been gone so long and now I see you were without computer.
Great come back with this one! Meeting other bloggers AND eating, that is a wonderful treat.

Michelle said...

Deb, Yeah, I'm not loving the picture either, but it was all I had (even my little camera wasn't working that night as the battery died immediately!). That's why I don't post pictures of myself on here!!!

Nate and Annie, Well, we certainly wouldn't have done it without you two! I did read about when you went back and I was very jealous!! Oh, spider roll...we love you...

Christie, you should!!

Zoomie, I know, it's so nice to have friends who will understand each of our different neuroses, isn't it?!

Tanna, me too! It really was a wonderful treat! And it's good to be back!

Annie said...

It was very fun to meet all of you too. And I'm very glad your computer is working again. We're so dependant on our computers these days, aren't we? I'd probably go into withdrawal if I lost my computer.

Michelle said...

Annie, thanks! Me too! It's amazing what a large part of your everyday life computers can become. And I was definitely having withdrawals!

genkitummy said...

it looked like you all had a lot of fun. i wish i could have been there, but i was back in illinois by then. :(

Michelle said...

Genki, me too, it would have been fun to meet you! Maybe next time you come back?