A different kind of recipe

Recipe for Success, adapted from Loving Boyfriend
Serves 2.

1 female rock climber (preferably Marine Biology grad student variety)
1 male rock climber (preferably Loving Boyfriend variety)
1 beautiful state park (preferably Smith Rock State Park variety, see picture above)
1 roomate
2 dogs
1 incredibly unique Oregon hotel (preferably McMenamin's variety)
1 hummus plate, with delicious pickled red onions
2 pints of McMenamins Ale (1 Nebraska Bitter, 1 Rubinator)
2 plush, white terry-cloth robes
1 amazing Turkish soaking pool
sweet, romantic lines, for seasoning
1 beautiful star sapphire, passed down from mom
enough love to make it through 40 years or so

Take female and male rock climbers and mix together in 1 beautiful state park over high heat. Keep female and male rock climbers in the shade as long as possible to avoid over-heating and resulting grumpiness that may ensue. Leave roomate back home so that dogs are at room temperature, taken care of, and not worrying or bothering the mixture.

Once thoroughly exhausted, move rock climbers to incredibly unique Oregon hotel and wash thoroughly to remove grit and grime. Remove from wash, dress gently in comfortable clothing and transfer to pub for food and drink. Add 1 hummus plate with delicious pickled onions (the female rock climber's favorite) and 2 pints of McMenamin's ale to the climber mixture to keep climbers satiated and not starving before dinner. Allow to soak up food and drink until slightly innundated with alcohol to remove "nerves."

Place in plush terry-cloth robes (provided in the packaging of incredibly unique hotel), and walk over to amazing Turkish soaking pool (preferably the type with gorgeously torquoise mosaic tiles, open sky-light, beautiful fountains and fabulous murals).

Gently add rock climbers to Turkish soaking pool and soak in salted water at 95-100 degrees F for 40 minutes, or until thoroughly saturated and muscle lumps and cramps are removed.

While soaking, get down on knees on the bench inside the pool, season with lots of sweet romantic lines (like: I feel like I've been searching for you my entire life...). When seasoned enough for flavor, surprise value and suspiciousness about what's going on, add 1 beautiful passed-down star sapphire, the promise of designing the ring of your dreams and ask gently:

"Will you marry me?"

Finish off with a resonant and exuberant "Yes" and enough love to make it through 40 years or so, and you've got a recipe that will turn Loving Boyfriend into Loving Husband in 9-12 months!

Recipe Notes: Yes, we're engaged! After everything you've been through with me, I couldn't resist sharing this happy news with all of you that have been such a large part of my life for the last year with your emails, comments, laughter, recipes and support (Thank you!). And for those of you in the United States - Happy 4th of July too!

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Natalia said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you, it sounds like it was perfect!

mrs d said...


That is so cool!

Here I am reading along and noting that Chopper and I were just a short drive from Smith Rocks while on our honeymoon but we never made it there because Platelicker got sick, and then noting that I adore McMenamin's pubs, and then oooooing over the Turkish soaking pool and then....

Eeeeeeee! Wowie! And Congrats!

Tea said...

Oh my goodness, congratulations! What a wonderful story--and so cleverly told:-).
May those 40+ years be joyful indeed!

This may be the first time I've commented, but I do so enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing the lovely news with us.

Nerissa said...

ooooh! Congratulations! :D What wonderful news... I wish you both much joy!

linda said...

Michelle, congratulations!!! I have tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face. What a beautiful story!

Ilva said...

aaahhaa!! Now I understand your comment on my blog!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! AUGURI!! GRATTIS!!! To both of you!!Great news! I'm looking forward to your honeymoon already!

Shauna said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! I'm so utterly thrilled for you both. Of course, I may never have met you in person, but I have online and in emails. So I feel safe in calling myself your friend. And as your friend, I have to say: yippee!!!!

(Isn't love grand? And I'm so happy to be speaking from personal experience at the moment!)


clare eats said...


I am soooooo happy for you!!!!!

Arent sapphire the best stones EVER! :) :)

vlb5757 said...

Now that post was the perfect way for me to start my day today! I am excited for you and know that the recipe for love starts with all the right ingredients, like friendship, trust and a very cute boyfriend in red tights! So when shall I expect my invitation to the wedding??????

Dianne said...

Wow! Congratulations!
Hope you are as happy as I am, ticking off the days untill I'm married, in a few weeks time

Aint love grand, especially when the proposal comes after a lovely day, such as you had!


cookiecrumb said...

Michelle, I am VERY happy for you and Dr. LB. Nice! Very nice.

McAuliflower said...

yea yea yea!

Congrats on the fine pairing.

Dianne said...

Hi Michelle

Thanks for your comments on my blog ... my big day is at the end of August, so I'm at the worried stage now (will everything go ok on the day ... and please let there be no arguments among guests to spoil the day)

If you want to try a really nice avocado smoothie, try avocado and bananna. I'll post the recipe on my blog, I made this a few months ago and it was gorgeous, untill you mentioned avocado smoothies I'd forgotten all about it. Very creamy, very smooth and at only 270 calories per 14 fl oz, very drinkable too!


Julie said...

WOW! That is sooo exciting!

Congratulations and I love your recipe. I think it's going to be a most successful recipe for a very happy life together.

michelle said...

Hi everyone! Thank you all for visiting and for all of your encouragement, support, and congratulations for us!

Mrs D., That's great that you've been to Smith Rock and McMenamin's! (Aren't they cool?!! We're actually considering one of the McMenamin's to have the wedding...).

Ilva, He he, me too!!

Shauna, Of course I count you among my friends, dear girl - so many emails with solid wisdom from you. And I'm happy for YOU too!! He's a lucky man!

Clare, YES! I'm going to have to get lots of wedding advice from you since you're going to be a pro soon :)

Vickie, Ha ha! I think I fell in love with LB all over again when he donned those tights and then let me post a picture of them! And start clearing your calender for next Spring!

Diane, Yes, yes everything will go perfectly (I can say this now because mine is still far away!). Do post the smoothie recipe - I'd love to try it!

Anna said...

Wow! Congratulations! I've been out of touch with the move and all and it was wonderful to come back to catch up and read the fantastic news! All the best and, if the two of you are in MA during the season, I would gladly treat at Fenway in celebration! Lissa

Dawn said...

Michelle, I'm so happy for you! See, I take some time off and next thing I know you're getting engaged. Loving boyfriend, wait, is he now loving fiance? seems like a great catch! And the proposal sounds perfect. I hope to keep up with everyone now, and I'm posting a little at coloradofoodie.blogspot.com since I've moved.

Melissa CookingDiva said...

OMG!!!!! Congratulations dearest Michelle---I am so happy for you. From the bottom of my pan I know you will bake many, many, many cakes together :-)

Un abrazo!

Kitchen Queen said...

I am so happy for you! Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness and adventures for you both! (And why is it that all the good stuff always happens when I'm away?)

J said...

hi michelle, congratulations! may your years together ahead be filled with much happiness and love. meanwhile, happy wedding planning ;)

michelle said...

Hi Lissa!
Wow, you're very generous! We'll definitely be out there after the wedding next summer and probably during Christmas, though maybe not this one! But we'll be in touch - it would be fun to meet, and you know how we feel about the Red Sox! Thank you for the congratulations and I hope the move went well for you! I've been so busy too I haven't had any time at all to check or write posts!

Hi Dawn! Oh yay! I've missed you! That's exciting you've started another blog and you're in Colorado now! How wonderful! I'll definitely look you up next time I'm out there. Drop me an email and tell me what you think of Boulder!)

Hi Melissa! Thank you, dear! I don't know...I may be baking the cakes, but LB will definitely be EATING them!!

Hi J! Thank you very much, I hope so! This wedding plannng stuff is a bit daunting, but hopefully it will also be fun!?

Rachael said...

CONGRATS! Beautiful story, wonderful pictures and perfect outcome...


To your happiness!

kitchenmage said...

Woo Hoo! Congratulations to both of you! Isn't there also a move to a new job afoot? (I'm getting old and my memory is going)

Paz said...

Dear Michelle:

Congratulations! I wish you continued happiness and all the best!


michelle said...

Rachel, Paz and Kitchenmage, Thank you so much for your nice wishes for our future. KM - yes, we're on our way to Hawaii as soon as I finish (and, um, can find a job...)!