Drum-Roll Please...

The time has arrived!
You've been more than patient with me
It's time to announce the name
that will grace my dear LB.

I asked for your thoughts,
(Begged and pleaded without shame)
I made you read bad poetry,
and asked you to give LB a new name.

Call him: My Man, you suggested,
If he's good as can be
Or perhaps, Mere Male,
If he's been a bit naughty.

Some of you were poetic:
"A spade is a spade; a rose is a rose,
Simply call him Love,"
You suggested with sweet prose.

Designated Husband. Stone Cold Fox. Dingo Honey.
So many ideas were raised!
To describe two scientists Quantum Entangled
For the rest of their days.

Doctor Hottie boosted LB's ego,
McFuture Husband made him jest,
Captain Tricycle turned him nearly as colorful
as when he wore that red spandex.

In the end, I let LB chose
which of the names it would be,
So I won't make you read
any more of my bad poetry...

LB has a new name!

His new name is: LB

Although this endearing nickname used to stand for Loving Boyfriend (LB), because Loving Boyfriend and I are now engaged and he is soon to become my Loving Husband, it was time for a name change. I threw the option to name him out there to you, dear readers, and I got some wonderful entries. Close runners up were Mere Male (MM - which could also be My Man, or Mmmmmm, depending on his current standing based on recent actions) and McFuture Husband, in the tradition of Gray's Anatomy, one of our favorite shows. But in the end, when I asked Loving boyfriend to chose his new moniker, he didn't even hesitate.

"Lucky Bastard," he said in reply. "I think it's hilarious...plus, it says just how lucky I am to have you."

Awww, shucks. Could a woman hope to have a more sweet man all to herself? Or one with such a sense of humor? I have to agree with him as well - he IS lucky to have me :) and I'm lucky to have him...wait, does that make me LB too, only with a slight change in the B?

Besides, I do have to admit that I've become quite attached to just calling Loving Boyfriend LB for short (sort of rolls off the tongue, you know?). So there it is, Loving Boyfriend stays my LB, with just a little change in connotation. Thank you for all of your suggestions and entries and for playing along. And thank you, Huanger, for giving LB his new name!

6 comments from you:

vlb5757 said...

LB conrats on your new name. The whole thing has just kept me glued to me seat to see what the outcome would be. DH means Darling Husband. That really should be the next name to follow.

Michelle-My computer died and along with it took 700 E mails addresses; including yours. Write to Virginia ET. lol!

clare eats said...


Lucky Bastard is a great name hahaahhah

Tanna said...

Don't tinker with perfection!!! You've got my vote.

Cyndi said...

I agree that it's hard to change - hence the remaining with LB even though it might stand for something different. I've always referred to DH as DH because it's the normal moniker for dear/darling/damned husband. But it's also my DH's initials!

ilva said...

well who can resist a man who calls himself Lucky Bastard?

michelle said...

Certainly not me, Ilva!