Only ONE more day...

...to rename LB...

Anyone? Anyone?

...Bueller? Bueller?

4 comments from you:

Tanna said...

LB as Lucky Bastard, how'd that go by him.

kitchenmage said...

When someoneElse and I got together theKid (being 10 at the time) used to walk by us hugging and say, "ewwww! you're entwined like snakes!" which led us to calling each other our "entanglement" because it rolled off the tongue more easily than entwinement. Given your scientific background, I vote for a slight variation:
QE for Quantum Entanglement

Clare Eats said...

How about MM it can stand for so many things :)

My Man

MMmmmm when he is really sweet or makes you yummy food

Mere Male When he is being Naughty


michelle said...

Tanna, oh, just wait and see - he surprised me on that one!

Kitchenmage, hi! How very scientific - especially because LB has always been fascinated with physics and math!

Clare, hello dear! MM - that's even our initials! It works on so many levels (essential for those naughty days)!