It's a bird! It's a plane! No...It's a Gigantic...

Kabocha squash? Blue bonnet?


Yes, that would be one gigantic cabbage.
I think if I had to eat that much squash or cabbage, I would be completely ill.
Good for an ice-breaker at a party of food nerds though...or probably science geeks too.
Ah, I love my friends.

This is my 8th "installment" for the TarFoBlo-NaBloPoMo.
Which "installment" are you on?
It's never too late to join!
We're all still Tardy!


Plus, only four more days to rename LB...
It's your chance to eternally wrap him in memories of the day he wore spandex,
was a total sweetheart, almost lost me to another "man,"
or ate squid ink for a snack...
Come on, I even wrote a poem for you...and I'm no poet!

3 comments from you:

mrs d said...

The spandex pic cracks me up. Look! It's Captain Tricycle! Hey, there's a name for you. :-)

Tanna said...

If one would make you sick, what would happen with both of those? Wow, yeah us food nerds would love that at a party, hehehe.
Some of the names LB is getting seem frightfully creative!

michelle said...

Mrs D, Ha ha ha ha ha - that's hilarious! He'd love me extra for that name, I'm sure!

I think I would probably explode (maybe even from one! I know I would be fascinated if one of those showed up at a party where I was... I know, Poor LB - but really, he just loves that a bunch of women are talking about him for days on end (and no body made him wear spandex either, that was completely his idea!!).